Wednesday, May 30, 2012

White Collar Season 4: First Look (Promo)

Thanks to the TVGuide. Here is the first sneak peek at 'White Collar' season 4.

The show picks up right where the cliffhanger ended with Neal (Matt Bomer) on the run. With the FBI hot on his tail--guest star Mekhi Phifer.

Will Peter do whatever it takes for Peter? Tune in for Season 4 of 'White Collar' starting Tuesday July 10 9e/8c only on USA.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

'Hit and Run' Trailer & Poster

Hit and Run is a indie action-comedy from the producers of the 2005 hit film "Wedding Crashers'. Staring Dax Shepard (also co-directed/wrote along with David Palmer), Kristen Bell, Tom Arnold, Beau Bridges, Michael Rosenbaum and Bradley Cooper. I had the pleasure of seeing a VERY early screening a few weeks ago. I will post my review here closer to the release date.

Opening in theaters August 24, 2012.


Source: Yahoo

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Girl:'See Ya'

The season finale of new girl leaves us wanting more of this FOX gem.

Nick has made of his mind of moving in with Caroline. Jess is not happy about it. Everyone else seems to be okay with it.

Schmidt can get his bandages off his "junk" now.

We get a new roommate moving into the loft Neal (Thomas "Tom" Lennon of 'Reno 911'). Jess tries her best to scare him off. It's terribly fun for her to even try.

Nick is packing up his stuff. Everything even a lamp. Who knew Winston was afraid of the dark. Not me. It is priceless really.

Schmidt poor guy. He had gotten the bandages replaced with a cast.

At a modeling photo shoot with Cece it is very clear Schmidt has issues with Cece's job. Dude, you did know she is a hot model, right?

Meanwhile, Jess tries to talk Nick out of leaving. Nope, he does anyway. All of the roommates help him move out. In the moving van, Nick has a classic "freak out". Driving right by his new place.

Winding up in the middle of the desert. Nick is ballistic and on edge, throwing his car keys. Now what?

The guys call Jess to come and rescue them.

Schmidt jealous is out of hand, calling Cece a "sex worker."

Nick is now having a change of heart it seems. What does Jess do. Yep, tossing her car keys too. Winston freaks out. Poor thing, it will be dark soon.

Later, the gang are having a good time. Jamming out to a 90's mix tape Nick made. Good times.

Schmidt is still unsure about Cece. Jess and Nick go out into the desert to find the car keys. Suddenly a wolf  creeps up towards them. Uh oh. What to do? Well, Jess's way out of it is to get very animated doing her best cartoon impression "meep, meep" (classic road runner style) Wow.

Sadly, Schmidt decides to tell Cece that the relationship is not working out. He saw a phone call from Gino (the model she was working with). Giving Cece the brush off, "White Fang" style. Hilarious.

Finally, Jess gives Nick her blessing for him to move in with Caroline. Jess gets creative and winds up scaring off the wolf.

The next morning, we see that Jess never really tossed (the keys). She pretends to "find" them. Making herself to be the hero. Nick hugs his (former) roommates goodbye.

Very late, that night. Jess wakes up. She heads to the window, seeing a moving trunk. Odd right.
Out of nowhere, music is blaring in the loft. It's Nick. Shocking. He came back.

Everyone is so happy to have Nick back. They all break out their best dance moves. Fun.
Meanwhile, with his stuff in a box Neal is sitting on the couch. Awkward moment.

Favorite lines:
"It's time to make this horse into a unicorn."
"I got thick thighs, I got a fat ass."
"Go back to your kind."

Excited to see what is next for Season 2 of 'New Girl' come September going up against ABC's 'Happy Endings."

Fall Line Up 2012-2013

Here is the schedule for the Fall  TV 2012-2013.  Some shows are new, where did your new/old favorites end up. Check out the line-up below.

Source: TVByTheNumbers

Best Friends Forever:'Single And Lovin' It'

Even though NBC pulled the plug on "Best Friends Forever" the fans of the comedy series have been taking to the internet in protest. I had to review the (what was originally the last aired episode). The remaining final to episodes will air on Friday June 1st, 2012.

This episode Jessica finally let's it be know that she is back in dating mode. Lennon want to have some alone time with Joe which is not easy to have with Jess around.

Jessica sees Joe at the computer when she notices a picture of her ex-boyfriend frolicking in the sand with a new woman. She is having a fit, calls Lennon in the room. She then decides that she is going to change her Facebook status to "Single and Loving it."

Can we get our freak on? Not really.
Jessica keeps interrupting Joe and Lennon from having some "alone" time with each other.
Jess gets a message from a former crush (Keith) that really like her new profile status and picture.

Joe and Rav are chatting it up while eating at a coffee shop, the waitress recognizes Rav. The two went on a date before, but Rav never called her. Using the lame excuse "I lost my cell phone." She is livid, pouring coffee on the two. Banning them from ever coming back.

Later, Keith calls asking Jessica out on a date. What is a girl to wear? Queenetta chimes in, of course. Well, sort of. She is giving us her usual sass remarks. Love it.

On a date, who has a three-way phone call for support. Seriously. Jessica and Keith are having a good time on their date. Unfortunately, the the date goes south. Why? Keith is already spoken for as in married. Yes, but the twist is he has no problem with enjoying his date, as long as he is home on time.

Lennon and Joe are trying to get it on. Heading to the kitchen, getting the make out session on. Clothes are coming off. Only to have Jessica walk in on them. AGAIN.

The next day, Rav and Joe send Queenetta in the coffee shop for their beloved gyro. She fails, but yet still gets paid for doing the job. "I paid for my time, not results."

Later, at Rav's bar Jessica get hit on by a younger guy Cory. She is really unsure of just how young he is.  Cory shows interest, asking Jessica to a party in New Jersey at an estate. Sounds fancy huh? She happily accepts his invite.

A bit later, Jessica calls Lennon to check in. She is enjoying herself. Joe is listening in to the conversation. Joe reveals to her that she is at a "Cougar Ball". Lennon and Joe rush to Jessica's rescue. Truthfully though Jessica wants to "get weird."

Jessica is nominated for "Queen Cougar". She is not happy, confronting Cory about why he would bring her to this type of party. She then has a change of heart, deciding to embrace her inner cougar.

The funniest laugh out loud moments is when Lennon arrives to save Jessica from the madness. Rav want to find "the guy" he punches out the wrong one though. Not Cory.

Alas, Jessica is too young to win the title of "Queen Cougar" pretty sweet to even be nominated. Lennon promised Jessica to get her body "rocked" it's been a long dry spell for her and Joe.

Pretty solid episode, I enjoyed it. Doubt it will see life on another network, even though it would be a perfect companion to "Cougar Town" on TBS. I will be recapping the last two episodes anyway. Stay tuned.

Favorite lines:
"She almost sat on my junk."
"You may need spanks on top of spanks."
"You know your parents are paying for you to dress like a penis."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anchorman 2:Teaser Trailer

Thanks to 'Funny or Die' Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to the 2004 hit comedy. Bringing back the the leading cast of funny men Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner. Schedule to come to theaters sometime next year.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

'The Words' Trailer & Poster

*Update* Official Poster:

The new romantic-drama from CBS Films staring Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons and Olivia Wilde.

Source: YahooMovies, CBS Films

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Which Of Your Favorites Got Renewed/Canceled?

It has been a busy week so far (hence no recent recaps). All of the major TV networks are having the annual  upfronts that are taking place this this week in NYC. Here are a listing of the shows that have been renewed/canceled/on the bubble for the 2012-2013 TV season. *will update as latest news breaks*

Renewed: The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl (final season- unknown status of number episode(s) ordered), Supernatural, 90210 ,America's Next Top Model, Hart of Dixie, Nikita.

Canceled:The Secret Circle, Ringer

Canceled: I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Breaking In, Terra Nova, Alcatraz, The Finder, Napoleon Dynamite

Renewed: American Dad, New Girl, Glee ,Family Guy, American Idol,The Cleveland Show, Touch, Hell's Kitchen, Fringe (Final season 13 episode order), Cops, Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, Raising Hope, The X-Factor (new judges Britney Spears, Demi Lavato)

Renewed: Modern Family, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Once Upon A Time, Body of Proof, Private 
Practice,   Shark Tank, Last Man Standing, Don't Trust the B in Apt 23, The Middle, Castle, Dancing with The Stars, America's Funniest Home Videos, Wife Swap, The Bachelor.

Canceled: GCB, Pan Am, Missing, The River.

Moving: Cougar Town (TBS in 2013) *Update* 15 Episode 4th season has been ordered will a possible 5th Season option for TBS. 

Canceled: Bent, Awake, Best Friends Forever, Harry's Law, Are You There, Chelsea?, The Firm

Renewed: Community, 30 Rock (final season), The Office, Whitney, Rock Center with Brian Williams, Fashion Star, Celebrity Apprentice, Up All Night, Parenthood, Grimm, Smash (moves to mid-season), Parks and Recreation, Law & Order SVU, 


Renewed: Hawaii-Five-O, Mike and Molly, Two and A Half Men, The Amazing Race, Survivor, NCIS, NCIS:Los Angeles, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Blue Bloods, CSI, Criminal Minds, Two Broke Girls,  CSI: New York, The Big Bang Theory, Undercover Boss, Person of Interest

Canceled: Rob, A Gifted Man, CSI: Miami, NYC-22, Unforgettable 

On The Bubble: Rules of Engagment *Update* The show has been renewed for mid-season 2012-2013 Schedule

Thursday, May 10, 2012

'Cougar Town' Picked Up By TBS

Break out your wine glasses. Cheers to the cast for having the show bumped off of ABC (bad move) will be getting a fourth season. It will premiere on TBS starting in 2013 with a 15 episode run. TBS also brought the rights to air 'Cougar Town' re-runs of the first three season.

Cougar Town is a smart, whimsical sitcom that draws its humor from likable, relatable characters” said Michael Wright, president, head of programming for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). “We are thrilled to have Cougar Town moving to the TBS neighborhood as the network continues to expand its slate of original comedy series.”

The series has had it rough time. Getting a shorter season, not being on air for 9 months. As a huge fan of the show. I am very happy to hear the news. Not sure what is the come for the series. Hopefully only good things.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Gangster Squad' First Official Trailer

Hot off the presses. The first trailer for "Gangster Squad" Staring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling,Sean Penn and Emma Stone.

The release date is unknown. Some time later this year.
*Update* Schedule to be in theaters September 7, 2012.


The first trailer for director Ruben Fleischer‘s (Zombieland) crime drama Gangster Squad has gone online. The film stars Sean Penn as gangster Mickey Cohen, and centers on the Los Angeles task force (headed by Josh Brolin) assembled to bring him to justice.  I’m a sucker for anything 1940s-related, but I think this trailer is pretty damn great.  The cast is incredible, and Fleischer’s visual flair from his previous films looks to have matured and evolved for this more dramatic story.  Above all, though, Gangster Squad looks like a lot of fun.  It’s easy for period pieces like this to be drowned by solemnity (I’m looking at you, Public Enemies), but Fleischer hasn’t forgotten that there’s a lot of fun to be had in 1940s L.A.  Additionally, I’m loving the different personalities on display in the ensemble.  Between this, Argo and the slew of movies slated for this fall/winter, 2012 is shaping up to be something special.

Check out the trailer in HD on Apple

Source: WB Pictures,YouTube

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pretty Little Liars:Season 3 Trailer is HERE!

The moment "Pretty Little Liars" fans have waited for. Countdown to the Season 3 Summer premiere. 28 days and counting. Are you ready for more "A"mazing reveals? Season 3 premieres Tuesday June 5th at 8e/7c on ABCFamily. Check out the trailer below.

Monday, May 7, 2012

'The Client List' Gets A Second Season

Just In: Lifetime gives a season season order for the hit drama series staring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Happy to hear as I am a fan of the show myself.

“I couldn’t be happier about Lifetime’s decision to renew 'The Client List' for a second season," Hewitt said in a statement. "It has been so much fun working with such a great cast and crew on the wonderful stories we tell, and I'm ready to see where 'The Client List' takes all of us next year."

You can read the complete details here.

Source: The Huffington Post

"The L.A. Complex":'Do Something'

This week's episode still has me on the fence on weather or not I will love/hate this show.

We pick up right where the pilot left off. Abby is introduced at her first day working the stripper pole. It was not good. Nick lands a pretty sweet gig. Tariq is finally getting his shot at producing. Alicia meets a man wanting to help her reach her goal. Raquel and Abby compete for a role.

Three-Way Drama
It is Abby's first day as a stripper was a complete fail. She was not meant to do it. How does one get canned the first day of work? Easy, claim your being harassed. Meanwhile Abby has a audition. Perfect she can wear her "stripper" outfit, she won't be using it. It happen so fast, she is sure she didn't get the role. Raquel is being her usually bitchy self being up for the same role. Abby want to visit Connor on set. Raquel gives her advice. "It's really poor form to visit someone unannounced."

It is clear that Abby and Conner (sort of) like each other. Sadly, no one gave that memo to Raquel. After the audition she goes to see Conner, she wants to go out for drinks to celebrate.(Um, you didn't get the role yet) "They put a pin in me." She is on hold to land this role. "No big deal, it's just a guest star." She really needs to get off her high horse. Connor declines drinks with Raquel. Only because he notices that he missed a call from Abby. "But I'm dressed like a hooker." Raquel is pissed.
Back at the complex, Raquel is wondering when she will get the call with good news. Only to look up and see that, they called who they wanted for the part. Abby lands it!

Tariq's Big Break?
Finally Tariq is getting some good news at work. He is going to produce a track for a big name in the rap game Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller)."He'd better bring his "A" game or else Kaldrick will get malevolent." Yes, malevolent. He is sent to his house to start right away. Tariq does not get a warm welcome, not even close. They go out around town to do the whole "getting to know you" thing. Going to a place that means something to Tariq does not go over well with Kaldrick. Having a quick bit to eat, by the beach. Kaldrick sees a fan taking pictures. "Did I say you could take my picture." He is livid, punches the guy. K.O.
Up next, the two go to a "gentleman's club". Tariq gets bold. Saying to Kaldrick "You ain't real." Not to worry, he still got the job. To cap off the evening(late night) Kaldrick inviting Tariq in to listen to some songs to sample. It get weird, their eyes meet. Tariq goes IN for the kiss. *fade to black*

Nick's Dating Woes
Nick lands a job as a stand in for Connor. Will working with an actress, he get some very good advice on how to approach dating. "Less talk, more action." After her audition, Abby comes home to find out she is being kicked out of the complex. Who does she run to in her time of need. Nick. He is so crushing on her. Of course, he lets her stay his place. Looks like a cozy movie night in for the two. She misses the call that Connor wants to take her up on the offer to hangout. Abby gets the call. So excited she hugs her new roomie Nick. Somehow he takes it as a cue to go in for a smooch. Wrong. Yes, he the "you a nice guy" speech. Poor Nick. Don't give up on love.

Alicia's Dreams Can Come True
Alicia meets a guy at work. He is  was a huge celebrity. Getting confused as "that guy" from "The Goonies". He was a big deal years ago, Rick(y) Lloyd. She has an audition, but unable to go due to work. As a cover up for her to go, Rick buys time with her in the champagne room. What a nice guy. Does he have a motive though? The two chat and see that they have things in common. Rick invites he to an industry party to make some Hollywood connections. The party was a success, it is clear they are vibing. The end of the night, Rick takes Alicia home. They end the evening was a kiss. What is next for these two. I have an idea, no rush to judgement, yet.

Honestly, I am not sold on this show (yet). I want to like it, really I do. I was not blown away by the "huge" kiss ending. I am ready for some REAL hardcore drama/scandal/juiciness. Leaving me wanting more at the ending. The buzz is this show is suppose to be such a "guilty pleasure". I am patiently waiting for it to live up to the hype.

Tune into 'The L.A. Complex' Tuesday nights at 9e/8c only on the CW

This week's episode trailer for "Who You Know"

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Client List:'Turn The Page'

Still of Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List

Riley is on the search for the real reason on why her husband abonded her and the children.
Georgia plans a ladies night out for the girls.

Alright now, it's time for a girls out night. One problem though. Linette has to back out at the very last minute. So it's up to Lacey to fill in for her.

Riley doesn't want to leave the little ones at home. She explains to them that it's just "face time" for her job. Why is mom bailing, some type of event at church. Hmm, okay then.

Riley putting the kids to bed, finds a note in Kyle's old shirt. It's a phone number of someone named "Max". Very curious, she calls the number. It's not a man it's a woman Max is really Maxine. Say what now. Drama. She leaves a voice mail. Which I think is sort of odd.

At the bar, it's karaoke night ya'll. The night starts off slow, then it's gets outta control. Sorta off. Riley gets wasted.

While she is out having a blast, I found it very odd that Lacey would call this Maxine woman like 7-8 times. Umm, stalker much.

Evan come to say the evening, to course drive Riley home. She is no condition to drive. Really, you think. Trying to put a drunk woman to bed, not such an easy task. I am sure Evan won't have a difficult time. The situation got a little sticky. It was such a tease, of what is to come. I think it is only a matter of time.

Riley discovers that Kyle's car was sold to Maxine awhile back. So she looks up her address and plans on going to pay her a visit. To get to the bottom of things. Taking Lacey with her they drive to the house. Maxine has a child, that looks just like Kyle. Say what now? Yes.

Later, Riley confronts Evan on why he never mention who the car was sold to. She is pissed.

Looks as though Linette has a secret admirer. Getting flowers at work being a HUGE clue.

At work, Georgia tells her quite frankly to talk face to face with Maxine. Advice that she takes. It's about to get real good now.

Riley goes back to Maxine's house. They talk. No she was not cheating with Kyle. They went to 'AA' together. Yes, crazy right. Kyle had an accident at work, then became addicted to pain medicine. Riley was completely thrown for a loop. By the way, the little boy that is the spitting image of Kyle is NOT his baby. No baby daddy drama here. Happy to hear, that would have been so predictable.

Meanwhile, mama Linette is seeing someone. She just didn't want to bring it up, with all the marital problems Riley is having. Don't want to rub it in the girls face.

Later, Riley and Evan have a chat at her place. Looks like Evan was left in the dark as well as to what was going on with his brother. Kyle was great at being a liar it seems

It's been a long day, after a night with the kids Riley feel asleep on the couch. She is woken up by someone coming in the door with a key. It is Kyle. Gasp. He apologizes for leaving, needing to to figure things out. "Maybe I just needed a release, like you do at work Your such a whore". Boom. It was just a dream. Darn, I knew it was too good to be true. Will he ever come back?

Tune into "The Client List" every Sunday night at 10e/9c only on Lifetime.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Girl:'Backslide'

This week's 'New Girl is back to what made me like the show in the first place. Winston is rocking a new look. Jess hooks up a past flame. Schmidt takes a big leap towards being a "one woman man." Nick makes a tough decision.

Still taking the breakup with Russell very hard, having a song ("The River") on a loop. Everyone is feed up with the song. Nick and Caroline try to lighten the mood by dancing for Jess. Sending her right to the bar with CeCe.

Schmidt takes the phone away from Jess, she is the perfect example of a backslider. Winston wonders if he should get the DVD out to show Nick what happened the last time he and Caroline broke up before.

CeCe shows up at the bar, dress to unimpressed. Schmidt asked her too, to keep him for getting "too excited." Jess accuses Nick of being a backslider, he flat out denies it. Jess easily gets her phone back, to call up an old lover. The next morning, she wakes up next to Paul her ex-boyfriend.

Winston gets home, he got wasted hanging out with Joe he has his ear pierced, Seriously, not a wise choose. I think a tattoo would have looked cooler. Well, anything but this.

(Flashback) Paul is the world's ugliest crier ever. EVER. It is just too funny.

CeCe takes Schmidt to go visit her grandmother in the nursing home. Schmidt is not a fan of old people. They remind him for walking raisins. Caroline takes Nick on a search for an apartment, he is caught off guard when he asks him to move in with her.

At work, Paul makes a confession to Jess. What? He has a girlfriend her name is Jen. Yikes. Jess has the worse luck. Paul had just had a fight with her the night before, which is why he slept with Jess.
Jess goes to the guys for advice on what to do. They advise her not to say anything. We know Jess, she is going to cave and fess up.

A change for the guys is on the horizon. CeCe overhears Schmidt asking her grandmother how he can have a long lasting relationship. Could it be, Schmidt is really ready to put his "player" days behind him. CeCe is so touched by this. It it too much for Schmidt to handle he becomes painfully excited, so much that he passes out.

Winston finally has to break down and get the DVD out to show to Nick why he is making a huge mistake with Caroline.

At work, Jess goes to Paul begging him to tell his girlfriend that he cheated on her. Jess quickly realizes that Jen is very much like her. They are perfect together. Why ruin it, but before that could happen. Paul blabs out that he had indeed slept with Jess. Jen is crying, and goes to walk out. Jess stops he though, saving the day she gets the couple to make up. Paul then goes to pop the question to Jen (with some help from Jess).

I give huge credit for laughs this time to Winston. The three, yes three earring choices were hilarious. I like the way the show is heading as far as with the relationship storylines are concerned. It will be a roller coaster ride to see how Schmidt and CeCe develop to a serious couple. Very cool shoutout to "Happy Endings" in the ending credits.

In the end, Jess gets to talk to Nick about how she feels about the whole Caroline situation. Too little, too late. They already signed the lease this morning, Nick is moving out.

Favorite lines:
"Captain Black sparrow"
"Take it easy, black George Micheal"
"I will let myself die and then I will haunt you."

Don't miss the Season One finale on Tuesday, May 8th at 9e/8c on FOX.

The Client List:'Tough Love'

Jennifer Love Hewitt in "The Client List"

Riley get an offer she may not be able to refuse. The kids finally get the truth about their father.

At work, Riley is approached by Selena of a way to make extra money "after hours" style. She has a special client that made a special request. He wants two ladies and once. Riley was unsure at first. Until the minor detail, it's an off site job. Yes, on the low.

A regular client of Riley's gets interrupted by a phone call from Katie's school. Riley rushes off to find that her daughter got into a bit of trouble, using some unsavory words towards a boy(Zack).

A clue may have been found into the whereabouts of Kyle.

Riley is concerned about if/when things will get back to normal. She wants to tell the kids the truth. Linette recommends an old fashion home cooked Sunday dinner, just like they used to do.

Evan gets help from his friend Tim, finding a lead on where Kyle is. The news is something he wants to wait to tell Riley in person. Kyle agrees to come to dinner Sunday night.

At work, Georgia calls Riley into her office. The girls, are all a buzz. "Is she in trouble?". "Is she going to get fired?" So sorry to break it to you ladies, Riley just got an offer(a trial run) to be Manager. Selena is clearly very green with envy. Having more responsibility at work, Selena is blindsided that Riley puts her foot down. Riley is not having the the shady "side business" that Selena does outside "The Rub".

Selena is livid. "You think you sorry now, just you wait. You just bit the hand that fed you."
Things just got a bit spicy ya'll. I feel a cat fight coming.

It's time for Sunday dinner, finally time for some unexpected guests. Riley finally gets to meet her Mom's new beau Garrett. Riley was caught off guard completely. Linette thought she had told her that he was coming over for dinner. Love her reply of "My bad."

Selena is plotting her payback for Riley. She is really not that much of a friend, I see. How does she get her back. Messing up her client schedule appointment. Oh, scary.

It works in her favor, for now. Don (the client) shows up for his appointment intoxicated and livid that Riley has dissapointed him for the second time.  Riley gets the call from Georgia about her client wanting her to come in. Not going to happen. Good thing Georgia was there to set him straight. Leaving Selena to swoop in to save the day.

We finally get the burning question answered. Where in the world is Kyle? Well, his passport was used--where? Mexico. Boom.

At dinner, Zack and his father Mark show up unexpectedly. Wanting to resolve the issue between the kids. The reason for the kids conflict earlier, was because Zack said that Katie's father was dead. Zack's mom had died a year or so ago. Zack had thought they could relate to each other the same way.

Dinner was pretty much a bust. Evan sits Riley down to break the news about Kyle. In tears, she decides that is is due time to tell the kids.

Jolene finds a sneaky way to get payback on Selena on behalf of Riley. Payback is a bitch.

Next day, Riley has to kindly reject the offer of Manager. She has too much on her plate right now. Georgia would be lost herself with too much free time anyway.
The showdown outside work between Jolene and Selena at work was good. It was almost a girl fight. Okay, not really, but still enjoyable for me.

Later, Garrett surprises Linette at work. A brave man is not afraid of a little bit of craziness in this family. Linette was shocked that he plans on sticking around, he wants to go on another date.

The episode ends with the kids getting a surprise dinner, camping out style. Riley having them sit down with her as she explains why their dad has not been around. Very touching ending.

Stay tuned as I will be recapping the entire 10 episode run of "The Client List" tune in Sunday nights at 10 on Lifetime.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Early 'CW' Pickups Announced Today

BREAKING NEWS: I am happy to hear good news and share it here. Some of our favorite 'CW' shows got an early renewal surprise(to some) today. Here is the official statement from The CW
*sidenote* I am still hopeful(ish) about Ringer getting a season 2.

The CW Network has given early pickups to the network’s top-rated show, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, and the world’s most-famous zip code, 90210, with all three series to return for the 2012-2013 season.
THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will return for a fourth season of bloody good drama this fall,SUPERNATURAL will mark its eighth season with the monster-hunting Winchester brothers on The CW, and on 90210, the gang from West Beverly will return for season five.
Based on the series of books by L. J. Smith, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is from Bonanza Productions Inc., Outerbanks Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios with executive producers Kevin Williamson (“Scream,” “Dawson’s Creek”), Julie Plec (“Kyle XY,” “Wasteland”), Leslie Morgenstein (“Gossip Girl,” “Private”) and Bob Levy (“Gossip Girl,” “Privileged”).
SUPERNATURAL is from Warner Bros. Television in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision, with executive producers McG (“Charlie’s Angels,” “The O.C.”), Robert Singer (“Midnight Caller”), Jeremy Carver (“Being Human”) and Phil Sgriccia.
90210 is produced by CBS Productions with executive producers Patti Carr (“Life Unexpected,” “Private Practice”) and Lara Olsen (“Life Unexpected,” “Private Practice”).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Girl:'Tomatoes'

'New Girl' was right on the mark for me me. It had been lacking the funny Schmidt moments I am particularly fond of.

Nick is still bummed out about his most recent breakup, seeing that everyone around him is happy. Wanting to now put his focus only on growing tomatoes. He calls everyone up to the rooftop to make this announcement. I think he has serious emotional problems, sad yet I could not stop laughing.

Schmidt is about to have the rug pulled from under him. He goes by to see CeCe, but only to find out she is not happy and wants to end things. CeCe's Russian roommate hits on Schmidt. Boom. They are going out on a date. CeCe claims to be "cool with it".

Jess has a awkward meeting of her own. At the gym, she meets Russell's ex-wife Ouli. Feeling very awkward in seeing her in the buff (in the steam room). Of course, she freaks out and winds up inviting her to dinner. Yikes. No way will this NOT be weird. Jess can totally deal, being a product of divorced parents. Right? Um, wrong. Love the flashback they pop in, Jess as a young girl trying to get her parents to stop arguing. Nick begs her not to repeat it at dinner. Nick vows to hide Jess's tap shoes.

At dinner, wish by no surprise is very uncomfortable for all of them. Russell is clearly annoyed by Ouli. You can cut the tenson with a knife. Jess is getting to her breaking point, what is there to do. Breaking the promise she made. No shock here, she again breaks out in song to try and lighten the mood. Fail. 

Schmidt has his moment to try and show off to CeCe. Two words. Okay, three. Tight bike shorts.

CeCe and Jess chatting about the weird Russian chick (Nadia). Is CeCe truly okay with it. Nope, confession time. She is totally crushing on Schmidt. Nice, I figured this was bound to happen. Obviously.

Nick has clearly has had some sort of semi-mid life mental breakdown and/or mid-life crisis. Seriously, who shouts at birds? He is very angry about his unhappiness, while everyone around him is happy.

Nadia and Schmidt have the oddest dinner conversation I've ever heard. Schmidt wants to know her favorite things about America. The conversation is weirdly amusing.

The next day, at the gym Jess talks about how much of a passionate lover Russell is with Ouli. Um, why and how would Jess know.

Jess is trying to find out what makes Russell tick, which only makes him upset. Jess is looking for that "fire" or "fire" that he has toward his ex-wife. Nope, not going to find it in Russell. Sigh.

Schmidt's date with Nadia, did not end very well. Tragic but still funny. CeCe comes home to find out that he is in the hospital. 

Jess and Russell both agree they want different things, and end it. Surprised it lasted this long? Same here.
In the hospital, CeCe...(brace yourself) gets the news that Schmidt had gotten it "on" with Nadia. Wait for it..... he broke his "twig and berries"a.k.a. his penis. HI-LAR-IOUS. 

Later, at home Jess discovers that Nick is back to hooking up (dating) Caroline. She is livid. Nick and Jess have a silly, yet heated argument over his "bad life" choices. Seriously, too funny. These two are so over the top. Schmidt has to keep his "excitement" under control for 8 weeks. Good luck bro.

Favorite lines:
"I want you to git"
"Are you Mick Mouse"
"Sandwiches and sex, I want that"
"She was kicked out of Russia CeCe, Russia"
"What are we at santa's family reunion, cause the clauses are coming out"

Kudos, as this episode was back to it's usual funny, silliness and weirdness. Tonight's episode 'Backslide" is not to be missed. It's very funny. Don't miss it tonight at 9e/8c on FOX.