Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Suits' Mid-Season Return (Photos)

'Suits' returns for the second half of season 2. Check out some pictures of it's mid-season premiere. Airing tonight at 10e/9c only on USA Network.

Monday, January 14, 2013

'Being Human' Season Premiere: 5 Reasons To Watch

Being Human (US) Season 3

Okay. I hope I can give you a quick summary of why you need to watch Syfy's "Being Human" third season premiere. Mild spoilers ahead.

5 Reason why you NEED to tune in!

1) How Sally is brought back from being in limbo. It was very creepy but entertaining.

2) Josh being being himself--cracking jokes at the most inappropriate moments.

3) (Finally) The SHOCKING outcome of the (last seasons) cliffhanger involving Ray.

4) Aidan's hardship coming back from the "dead"...with a bloody surprise. You've been warned!

5) The ending will leave you hanging...again.

*Bonus: Having two returning characters make a cameo in the premiere as well.

Check out the first four minute teaser below. Check out the entire premiere tonight at 9e/8c only on Syfy.

Photo/Video: Syfy

'Being Human' Season 3 Premiere (Photos)

Check out some teaser pictures of tonight's Syfy 'Being Human' Season 3 wicked good premiere at 9e/8c.

Source: NBC/Universal