Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Endings..the webisode's

A fan of ABC's 'Happy Endings'? Can't get you daily fix just one day a week. Well if you love the show as much as I do your in luck. A new series called 'Happy Rides'.

In the first of 6 webisode's in the series. This first one in the series is about Penny. She announces that the first car she ever had is being auctioned off,on a episode of the reality show 'Storage Wars' . It was inherited from her third stepfather.

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 9:30 e/6:30p on ABC for new episodes of 'Happy Endings"

*Check back every week for a new episode here: Link

The Avengers-Trailer

Finally, the new trailer for 'The Avengers' has hit the web. The Marvel comic book based action packed movie staring Rober Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson ,Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner. It looks as though everyone get screen time to shine. The action does look pretty bad ass. I'm not a huge comic buff, but I will make an exception for this. I'm so excited to go see this when it comes out on May 4th. Are you?

ICYMI: My thought on last week's New Girl: 'Bully'

New Girl was all about bullies, a breakup and hooking up.

After yet another night with CeCe, everyone is still clueless of who the mystery woman is. Getting her out the door just in time (wearing his barely there mono). Jess then asks "Did you have a sexual guest?" Schmidt proclaims he doesn't want to flaunt her around. Yea, as if he's never done so in the past.

At work, Jess learns that one of her students is being bullied. The school is having a science fair, a more advance student has built a robotic arm.

Away on a business trip, Julia sends Nick a cactus. Really? People give those as gifts. Of course this sends Nick into a tailspin. "She's going to breakup with me." It's so obvious, it's not a regular plant. This is a sign, in his mind that she will break up with him. Oh lord, really Nick?

Jess reacts by telling him "Snap out of it son!"

Later, Schmidt is having fun sending CeCe "junk mail" yea it's crass, but it's just who he is.
Jess decides to makes a song about not being a bully. Later, she discovers it has been posted online, poking fun at her. It is very upsetting to Jess.

Later that night, sitting in her car. CeCe calls Schmidt. Looks like someone wants another ride on the "Schmidt and Spin". She wants to hookup with him again. Schimdt's bedroom? Nope, everyone is at home. So she suggest that they just hook up in her car. Schmidt is totally against it. 

"I'm like a sexual snowflake, each night with me is a unique experience." (Schmidt)

Schmidt calls Jess, as a distraction to sneak CeCe into his bedroom. Later, Nick getting wasted. He decides to call Julia. Not once, twice but  leaving her several outrageous, odd messages. Yep, this will not end well.

Schmidt trying to temp CeCe from leaving, uses his best cheese sexual innuendos. Yes, cheese. Offers to "slowly pull the wax off her babybel."

At school, Jess knows that Brianna made the video and goes to confront he. Having an unsuccessful conversation, Jess get upset and breaks her robotic arm.

Julia is back home, she goes to pay Nick a visit. Telling him she did not plan on dumping him. Until, well the bizarre(seven)message he left her.  Yep, it's definitely over now. Bravo, Nick. Leaving him depressed of course, a former shell of himself. Poor, Nick, maybe a little less "crazy" next time around.

Jess wants to try and fix the robotic arm, turns to Winston for help. Tanya (her boss) now she's that Jess is now "one of them". Disliking children it seems is a "cool" thing amongst teachers.

Later that night, CeCe takes Schmidt out to a party that he is not invited to. Looks as though someone is just being used as a "sex dog". Leaving him alone in the car, he is upset. Why? She is embarrassed by him. Um, yeah no shock there. 

She does leave him a bit of room to breathe while she is gone. Leave the window cracked for him. Seriously, a cute moment. Schmidt makes her promise that they will go out for breakfast the next morning.

At breakfast, which I am pretty sure nobody understood a word of English. Schmidt is very happy to tell the world he's sleeping with CeCe. So excited he is literally bouncing off the wall.

"Parkour" he shouts. Um, yeah. I have no clue what that means either.

Jess finds Nick sulking in his bedroom. She give him a pep talk, and a real plant to take care of. Jess does wind of forcing Brianna to do a duet with her. Putting it online, leaving nothing but positive comments for herself about the video.

I truly only loved this episode that much more due to the hookup between Schmidt and CeCe. I wonder what will develop next. Will it continue or just crash and burn. Looking forward to next week. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Reasons to watch 'White Collar's Winter Finale

I have a confession to make. I never watch nor payed any attention to this show until very recently (January). I have access to Netflix, based on my previous viewing habits. I thought what the heck, worth a viewing or two. I have to say by the end of the pilot. I WAS HOOKED. The end. Loved the acting writing,cast etc.

Tonight is the Season 3 finale.(Sadly) but here is my top 10 reasons on why you should tune in.

1) Diahann Carroll (June) makes a very touching appearance.
2) I was surprised at how much (nice) things were said about Neal.
3) Mrs Suit bakes a cake (or two...)
4) Diana makes a choice I did not see coming (to save Neal--for now)
5) Mozzie keeping secrets (as usual)
6) (not Neal) but someone has a hidden agenda
7) The outcome of what Neal does/doesn't do was unexpected
8) Digging a little deeper into Neal's past.
9) Neal shows us again he's a risk taker (not afraid of heights)
10) The ending that left me speechless-- Game changer for sure.

Here is a clip of tonight's winter finale airing tonight on USA 10pm est/7pst. Don't fret, new season will be shooting this spring/summer.

Source: Usanetwork

Monday, February 27, 2012

"Revenge" Oscars Promo...


As a huge fan of the hit 'ABC' drama. I had to share this. I will be posting why I love this show, very soon. 'Revenge' returns with new a episode on Feb, 29 at 10pm est on ABC.


Source: Youtube

Saturday, February 18, 2012

'Cougar Town' premiere "Ain't Love Strange"

Third time's a charm: Courteney Cox, left, and Josh Hopkins star in Season 3 of 'Cougar Town,' which premieres Tuesday at 8:30 ET/PT on ABC.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on last week's Season 3 premiere of ABC's "Cougar Town". It has been off the air for a very long 9 months. (Nice work ABC). I have been looking forward to it as many other fans alike. It was not the what I expected. Not to say this episode was not enjoyable. It was, I am just delighted have to finally the wine enthusiast back on my television screen every week.

It is completely cool to see how everyone has changed paths since last we have seen them.
Andy and Ellie baby seems to be a "handful", to say the least. Demon baby? Perhaps.

Meanwhile, everything is moving right along for Jules and Grayson. Happy couple alert! I like that we get to see them progress as a couple, first season I would not have guessed them getting together. Travis is off at college living with roommates, but can't seems to shake the family wanting in butt in his life. Ah, family even going away to college they don't want to cut the strings of parenthood.

I just love how the characters are evolving, changing or just simply being who they are.

Why such a long wait for the show. Well, the network's fall schedule put on the now canceled ('Work It"). The show about men in drag. Ugh, it was a wise choice, from what I heard about the short run it had (2 episodes).

Sadly, I was bummed to find out back in November that the network (for budget reasons) had to cut the shows episodes to just 15. Don't take this personal ABC but you really made a mistake (HUGE) not giving this show a fall premiere. Ah well, I still love watching the show. Even if they keep the title.

"Cougar Town" airs Tuesday nights at 8:30 e/5:30p on ABC.