Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Inside Amy Schumer Gets Renewed!

I am happy to hear such good news today. I am a fan of her's since watching "Mostly Sex Stuff" in 2012. I've seen her live just this year. It was SO fun, I did not want the show to end. Congrats to her. So well deserved!

She just hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Amy was featured recently on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. She's a huge star on the rise, reveiving a Peabody Award for Inside Amy Schumer, Landing a spot in the TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People.
Today the good news continues as Comedy Central has renewed the hit series for a fourth season(ahead of it's season 3 premiere tonight at 10:30pm e/p), it was announced today by Kent Alterman, President, Content Development and Original Programming, Comedy Central. 
Said Alterman, “We love being ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ and are thrilled our audience agrees.”
Said Schumer, “I’m so happy to keep the ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ family together. Excited and scared for everyone to see what we do next.”
Described as “so smart and the execution so accomplished and the performances so good” (Los Angeles Times) with a “laserlike focus on sex and sexual politics” (The New York Times) that is “unflinching, no holds barred, hilarious” (Vulture), the Peabody® Award-winning and Emmy®-nominated “Inside Amy Schumer” explores topics revolving around sex and relationships and is made up of scripted vignettes, stand-up comedy, and man-on-the-street interviews. The series was created by Schumer and Daniel Powell, who executive produce along with Head Writer Jessi Klein. Tony Hernandez and Steve Ast also serve as executive producers, Kim Caramele and Kevin Kane as producers.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lucy Lawless Added To Starz' Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Lucy Lawless (“Salem,” “Spartacus",Xena:Warrior Princess) will play the role of Ruby in the STARZ original series “Ash vs Evil Dead.” The series is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror film franchise The Evil Dead and is set to film on location in New Zealand this spring and premiere on STARZ in late 2015.

Ruby is a mysterious figure who is myopic in her quest to hunt down the source of the recent Evil outbreaks.  The only problem: she believes that Ash (Bruce Campbell) is the cause of it all.

This will reteam Lawless with executive producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert whom she worked with when she starred in the television series’ “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Spartacus” 
Lawless joins previously announced cast members Bruce Campbell (Ashley J. Williams), Ray Santiago (Pablo Simon Bolivar), Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly Maxwell) and Jill Marie Jones (Amanda Fisher).

 “Ash vs Evil Dead” will be 10 half-hour episodes.  Bruce Campbell will be reprising his role as Ash.

Raimi will direct the first episode of “Ash vs Evil Dead” that he wrote with Ivan Raimi (DarkmanArmy of DarknessDrag Me to Hell), Craig DiGregorio (“Workaholics,” “Chuck”) and Tom Spezialy (“Chuck,” “Reaper,” “Desperate Housewives”). Raimi will also serve as executive producer, along with Rob Tapert (Evil Dead, “Spartacus,” Xena: Warrior Princess”) and Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, “Burn Notice”) along with Craig DiGregorio (“Workaholics,” “Chuck”) who will serve as executive producer/showrunner. Ivan Raimi will co-executive produce and Aaron Lam (“Spartacus”) will serve as producer.

Video/Photo Credit: Starz

Lifetime's Devious Maids Is BACK On A New Night

Lifetime's juicy soap Devious Maids is back for season 3 on a new night. The seriously soapy dramedy (I like to call it) will premiere on Monday June 1 at 9et/8c.

Devious Maids is set in a world where murder and mayhem collide in the mansions of Beverly Hills’ wealthiest and most powerful families. Class warfare has never been as fun and dirty as it is in the tony enclave where the staff is as clever, witty and downright as devilish as their employers. The series has centered on a close-knit group of maids, Marisol (Ana Ortiz), Rosie (Dania Ramírez), Carmen (Roselyn Sánchez), Valentina (Edy Ganem) and Zoila (Judy Reyes), who are bonded together by their jobs, life struggles and the melodramatic universe that engulfs their employers. Devious Maids also stars Susan Lucci (All My Children), Grant Show (Melrose Place), Rebecca Wisocky (The Mentalist), Tom Irwin (Grey’s Anatomy) and Drew Van Acker (Pretty Little Liars). Brianna Brown (Graceland) and Brett Cullen (The Dark Knight Rises) make a return to the series this season, joining new cast members Naya Rivera (Glee), Gilles Marini (Sex and the City), Cristián de la Fuente (Valiant Love), John O’Hurley (General Hospital), Justina Machado (Six Feet Under), Nathan Owens (Days of Our Lives) and Julie Claire (Web Therapy).

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Milo Ventimiglia Talks 'The Orge' on Gotham, Being A Villian And More..

Hey there Gotham fans I had the chance to chat with special guest star Milo Ventimiglia. He talks about how he landed the role, how it was to take on the villian role and more. Enjoy.

Q The DC comics (having colorful cast of villains) How do you think Ogre is going to be able to stand out among them?
Milo: Joker and Scarecrow and Penguin and Riddler, I mean, they‘re all staples. The Ogre, I think, you kind of have to just look at what the show is, and it‘s a different version, a pre-story of a story that we already know, of characters that we already know. So if you‘re adding somebody new, hopefully—I think the writers have accomplished this, but hopefully the character is interesting enough, and seeing my silly mug up on the screen is going to be fun for audiences to say, ―Oh wow, this guy is bad. He‘s not the usual that we know.‖ But, at the same time, what the writers had created, and what I was able to do with the creative team on set, people, hopefully fans will enjoy it and say.

Q: How did land the role of (Orge) on Gotham?

Milo: I got a phone call from my agent saying that they wanted me, and I said great. I‘m a huge fan of Bruno Heller, his work, and I‘m longtime friends of Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue, and I‘ve been watching the show. And it was just one of those things where I had those connections, and then I went, ―I‘m free at the moment. So this sounds like a lot of fun.

Q: Are you yourself a fan of the DC comics--a fan of "Batman"?

Milo: I was raised on comic books. Every Wednesday my father would take me to a comic book shop in Orange County, California, Freedonia Funnies, and so I was raised on it. Batman, funny enough, was always my favorite. I loved the fact that he wasn‘t an alien from another planet or injected with some kind of super-serum. I loved the fact that he was a man like anyone else, and he used his resources and his intellect and his body beyond what those other people would stop at.

And he did it for a bit of vengeance, but also—or vigilantism, but also, he did it for the people he saw were caught up in a horrible society, a crime-filled society. So, I‘d always been a Batman fan, I‘d always been a DC fan, I grew up with Superman. I grew up on comic books, so there was everything in there...DC,Marvel, there was everything. Even the offshoot books of other, smaller press.

Q: Was there any particular challenge for you playing a villain?

Milo: Is it scary if I say no, there was wasn't challenge playing a bad guy? (laughs) No, that is the nice thing about just being an actor. You get thrown into a lot of different roles, so you get to embrace the good guy when you‘re playing the good guy, and you get to embrace the bad guy when you‘re playing the bad guy. This guy is pretty horrible.

It‘s hopefully one of those things that my mother won‘t ask me questions about my upbringing, when she and my father were not around, when they watch it. But it‘s always fun to play the villain. It‘s always fun to play the foil to the good guy, the dark to the light, and the Ogre was probably about as much fun as you could have with playing a villain.

(Follow Up)
Q: How do you think your fans will react to you playing this villian?

Milo: I think some fans of my work, they have seen me go pretty dark and be pretty bad, but I think they‘ll hopefully enjoy this version of it, which is a little smoother, a lot more charming, but then flips on a dime and is evil, evil, evil.

Q: Is there something that draws you to playing darker/dramatic characters?

Milo: I don‘t even know if they‘re drawn to me or if I‘m drawn to them, or vice versa. I pretty much
I pretty much get the phone call and show up. I don‘t know, or maybe it‘s the dark hair, dark eyes, I really don‘t know. Or maybe it‘s because they think I‘m teen vogue. I might have said at one point that I was dark and moody. Good opportunities like this keep coming my way. Thankfully there are great writer-producers like Bruno Heller that take a chance on a guy. I‘m just honored that people choose me to work with them and want to bring a character to life. So, when I get a juicy one like this, it‘s always a lot more exciting.

Q: Do you prefer playing the villain as opposed to the good guy? Which one is more enjoyable for you to play?
Milo: You know, good roles are good roles. It doesn‘t matter if they‘re the bad guy, if they‘re the good guy, if they‘re the sideline guy, they‘re anything. It‘s just, good roles are good roles. After I come out of playing the bad guy, sometimes you‘re like, ―Oh, maybe I want to be a bit of a golden heart on the next one, and then you play the good guy and you‘re like,maybe I want to go dark for the next one. I just take the roles that come at me, and embrace what it is, and put my heart into it and paint my heart with a lot of gold or a lot of shadow. So, I play them as they come. And I enjoy the hell out of all of them. I really, really do.

Q: How do you prepare for this type of character in trying to get into the mind of a killer?

Milo: Is it wrong that I said I was just being myself? Honestly, it was like—this guy, he‘s relaxed, he‘s sincere, he is much darker than me as a man, but I was just trying to be myself, because he is a man. He‘s affected by things that happened to him when he was younger, and he‘s approaching his life the way that he knows how, and he‘s operating off of wants that he has, which may not be very good to the majority of people, but to him, it‘s what his life is. So for me, I think I was just trying to be a human being onscreen and understand what this guy went through to make him who he was.

Q: Playing (The Orge) aka Jason is there any likable qualities about him at all?
Milo: I think there's a lot to be liked about him. Hes looking for love, which is something we all can connect with in one way or another. We're all looking to be accepted. He's charming without being arrogant, but there is arrogance in his way of being because he can't see outside of himself, and what he imposes on women that ultimately lead to him killing them.

I think there is something that is true in his search, but his means of doing it are completely wrong. And what he‘s asking for, to the degree that he‘s asking for, is just, it‘s skewed, it‘s off, it‘s not right, it‘s not kind, it‘s not good. But his kind of way of being and talking to a girl—as I was reading the scripts, and as I was playing it, it wasn‘t an act to get the girl so he can just kill the girl. 

He doesn‘t want to kill the girl. But he eventually will, because, well, they‘re not quite who he thinks they are. He‘s already pushed them past the point where he‘d probably be in trouble. So, why not just discard this woman and find another one? So, I think that there are small redeeming qualities about him, but the majority of who he is shadows any other good that‘s possibly in there.

**Interview was a conference call. It was edited for time and content*