Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars:Season 3 Poster!


The countdown to the new season of 'Pretty Little Liars' is near. In just a little over a month the hottest ABC Family series is back on June 5. Check out the promotional picture via TVGuide. Are you as excited as I am for the returning hit series. Lots of drama, heartache and romance to come. Stay tuned.

The L.A. Complex:'Down In L.A.'(Pilot)

It is rare that a show comes around that can grab your attention for just seeing the pilot. Well, it looks like the CW has hooked (me) on the juicy new drama "The L.A. Complex". The show is just coming to the US (via Canada). It is well on it's way to having a second season on Much Music. If all goes well the CW will pick up the series beyond the current 6 episode run.

The show takes a real look at the struggles and what it takes to make your dreams come true. The show is focusing in on a group of young 20'somethings trying to make in big while living in the city of dreams. Yes, Los Angeles. They all live in a bit of a rundown apartment complex. It has a pool, which is a plus. I know what you thinking. Reminds you of "Melrose Place".This show however, is are a bit different. Things are pretty racy and  crazy from the start. Not to ruin the show completely for giving too many spoilers. Here are my thoughts on the premiere episode.

The main cast features Cassie Steele (Abby) you may know her from a little show called "Degrassi". She is a complete mess. Trying to get her big break as an actress, being broke and jobless. Abby does have a boyfriend back home in Canada. Doubt this relationship will last. Why, well having a  has a one night stand may have something to do with it. Enters hottie next door (formerly a resident of the complex) Jonathan Patrick Moore (Connor) he just hit the big time landing his first lead TV role.  Benjamin Watson (Tariq) wants to make his name known as a producer in the music business. Having a really hard time as he is an errand boy for the past nine months. Jewel Staite (Raquel) is the vet of the group. She is an actress that has a canceled show under her belt.. She thinks that he can have her pick of prime leading roles. She has a hard time with rejection. She will step on the "little people" to get ahead. I can already tell.

Oh the other end of the spectrum is Joe Dinicol (Nick), he is the awkward, nerdy and boy next door type. He is crushing hard on Abby, alas is too shy to say it. Nick want to make to make people laugh for a living, while he slings hot coffee during his day job. Tying to make the rounds in the comedy circuit. Yikes, he bombs. Last but certainly not least, Chelan Simmons (Alicia), is the naughty girl of the bunch. She is out to make her name known. She is a dancer, trying to make it happen for herself.So how does she make money, well that is easy to answer. Workin' the pole. What else is a pretty girl to do. Duh.

What works for me watching this show is that it brings to light what is it really like to struggle. Lots of people having the same career goals. Life is not always going to far. It does not "candy coat" how hard is it to make in the real world. A couple of the 'OMG' moments are there, of course. I am sure there will be plenty more to come. I have read/heard nothing but great things to come of future episodes. So I am fully ready to take on whatever happens next. Looking forward to more scandalous goodness. Will you be tuning in?

'The L.A. Complex airs Tuesday night at 9e/8c on the CW

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Friends Forever:'Put A Pin In It'

This week's episode of 'Best Friends Forever' was a mixed bag for me, it fell short of what I liked from the pilot episode. It was not a totally lost. I just hoped for more laughs.

Lennon is trying way too hard to impress Joe's father with his retirement gift. The 'rents come by way earlier then expected. Oops, Jessica and Lennon get caught in a compromising situation. Jessica has the place a totally mess.

Joe has yet to tell his parents that he has quit his job. Jessica really needs to get herself together and go through all of her mail, that is piling up. She promises Lennon she will clean and go through her mail. Looking out the window, Jessica sees all her stuff is being delivered to the apartment. Bad timing, yes. She really needs to check her voicemail. Uh no, Lennon shows up and they find themselves locked out. Pretty sure that is not the worst part. Jessica really wants to make cinnamon buns. Lennon tells her, no. Just go through your mail.

Queenetta shows up, just in time. She is seriously wanting to sell Jessica's stuff. Meanwhile, Lennon goes to the fire escape to try to get inside, somehow getting stuck trying to. Jessica has to go get help(not dressed in her best clothing) the firemen think that she is homeless. Yes, that bad. Lennon gets rescued, only to realize that the apartment is on fire. Why? Jessica (of course not listening) was baking cinnamon buns. Leaving Joe's dad gift completely ruined.

To no surprise, not many laughable moments this episode. Just one or two laughs here. When Jessica is about to go get help, at the beginning and when Queenetta is in a scene. Lennon and Joe's dad wind up having a good talk at his retirement party. She was always afraid they did not like her. Jessica does wind up pulling strings and getting a really cool replacement surprise gift for her father-in-law. The ending was cute. Lennon showing off her hottest dance moves. Work it!

Not very likely that the show will get a full season pickup. Sad to say because I genuinely enjoy the chemistry between the leading actresses. I am looking forward to this week's episode "Single and Lovin' It".

'Best Friends Forever' airs Wednesday night's at 8:30e/7:30c on NBC

Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Franklin and Bash' Season 2 Sneek Peek/Photos

Yes, your favorite goofball lawyers are coming back to TNT this June. Check out the video on what to expect in Season 2 of the TNT hit comedy. Returning on Tuesday June 5 at 10pm.

 Photos and Video courtesy of: TNT

Best Friends Forever:'It's Raining Friends'

This week's episode of "BBF" was not as enjoyable as in the previous first episode. Basically it was about Jessica still feeling down about her marriage woes. They chat about how awesome of a cook Jessica is. She can cook a mean pulled pork. Joe is in heaven.."Just keep stuffing meat in his mouth."  The two burst out in song 'It's Raining Men'. Suddenly somehow Jessica notices she accidentally "butt dials" her (soon to be ex-husband) . She is babbling on about her personal problems to Lennon. Meanwhile, it was recording the entire time. Yikes.

Jessica goes to soothe herself in the tub. Spending way too long in the bathroom. Lennon and Jessica have a tussle in the bathtub. Not so much was is sad, then hot according to Joe.

At Rav's bar, it becomes very clear that Jessica is in dire need of some cheering up. Lennon wanting to help her out, comes up with and idea. Jessica's food is so amazing, she could take over in the kitchen for just one day. Telling Rav about this plan, he was not sold on it. He was very reluctant, but then agrees. He goes and tells Jessica that his cook just quit, a huge food critic is coming in he needs someone to cover for him.

Jessica agrees to do the job. Needing someone to do a taste test first Jessica and Lennon invite Queenetta (Daija Owens) to be the judge of how good the food is. Honestly, this girl stole the spotlight (again) it was the only time I laughed during the entire 22 minutes. Sad, but true.

The sandwich was a hit all around. They asked a friend to be the" food critic" at the bar. He was pretty creepy, odd character. Not much else can be said about this week's episode.
Overall, I had very lukewarm feelings about the show. Moving onto episode three leaves me having high hopes for more laughs.

'Best Friends Forever' airs Wednesday's on NBC.

Did you love or hate this week's episode. Share your thoughts/comments.

'The Client List':Premiere

You may have heard to the '2010' "Lifetime" movie staring Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer,The Ghost Whisperer).The movie landed her a Golden Globe nomination. Lifetime is taking on a change of programming from it's usual made-for-television movie and most recent "reality shows". Even though the movie has a bit of a change from the storyline. I was pretty much in it for the entire hour.

Samantha (Hewitt) had her husband on her side in the film version. While in the TV series she plays Riley Parks a mother of two. The marriage is a bit shaky. Having your husband (Kyle) played by Brian Hallisay is on unemployment, stress about money woes. No surprise, that he leaves at the drop of a hat. Leaving her with the house mortgage and two young children. What is a woman to do? Go out and make her own money. Right? She has the experience to do the job. So she might as well put it to use.

Seeing an old friend driving a very expensive car. Samantha is very curious of how she can afford it. She gives her the address of where she works. She's desperate, she goes and checks out the place. Looks very shady on the outside, somewhat respectable on the inside is this "massage" parlor. She heads over to the place. Hopeful to finally get a job. She walks in--to her surprise. Lands the job on the spot. The owner Loretta Devine (Georgia). She just has that "something special". Yes, okay very cheesy dialouge. 

Having her mother (Cybill Shepherd) there for moral support throughout. I did not go into watching this show expecting much. You can really expect lot of skin and/or raunchy-ness. Hello, it's Lifetime. There is eye candy to be seen here. Of course, mostly of Jennifer. As well as her brother in-law. Evan (even hotter then her dead beat hubby--might I add) played by Colin Egglesfield (Something Borrowed). He is playing up the "nice" guy of the two brothers. Saying to Riley if she "ever needs anything" just call me. I am pretty sure something is bound to happen there. Riley does face some hard(no pun intended--sort of) times dealing with jealous wives and drama. She is NOT doing any extras. Well, until the money is not flowing in as much as her co-workers. Don't think it took very long for her to have a change of heart. She now has to deal with keeping what she really does to make all that cash, avoid the housewives and maybe save her marriage.

I like that the show is not to be taken so seriously. Call it a 'gulity pleasure' if you'd like. I'm all in. I will be sharing my thoughts for as long as the show is on the air.

'The Client List' airs on Lifetime Sunday's at 10p est/9p cst. Check your local listings.

Share your thoughts/comments on the show.


Open Love Letter to "Pretty Little Liars"...

The Pretty Little Liars        (left to right):Shay Mitchell(Emily),Lucy Hale (Aria),Ashley Benson (Hanna),Troian Bellisario (Spencer).

I am not even sure where to begin on how to express my deep admiration for ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars'. I had very little interest in watching due to the fact on the channel it was airing on. Harsh, I know. I felt kind of like, why should I this show is for teenagers, clearly I do not meet the "age demo". I have no business watching, at all. I went into watching with very little expectations. Having a very slow start, I was starting to wonder how long I would put up with it before throwing in the towel.

A group of young high school teens. Having to deal with life, love, relationship,secrets and drama. If you have yet to guess, they all have 'issues' weather it is school, boys or dealing with family. Needing to have access to their cell phones, constantly. Of course, like who really calls people today.

Starts out with the five friends(Aria,Spencer,Emily,Hanna and Alison) moving back to their hometown. Having lost touch with each other (on purpose). Due to the disappearance of Alison (a.k.a. Ali) it has been a year now since she went missing. Everyone is wondering what is real truth.Who would have done it, and why? Meanwhile, early on we see Aria meeting a mystery man a local bar (huh? she's still in high school). They chat, and come to realize they have things in common. She hooks up with him in the restroom. The next day at school. She finds out, it's her new English teacher. Oh my gosh!

As we get further towards the middle of the pilot. The girl's start getting very unusual odd text message just signed "A"....and so the mystery to figure out whom this "A" person is.
Later on, everyone comes to find out that is indeed, not missing. She has died. SHOCKING. So there you have it. Why I am so deeply involved in this show. The show will be back for Season 3 on Tuesday, June 5th at 8pm est/7c only on ABCFamily.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Best Friends Forever' Pilot

'Best Friends Forever'
               Jessica St. Clair, left, Lennon Parhamand Luka Jones in "Best Friends Forever." (Neil Jacobs / NBC)

NBC's latest mid-season-ish comedy premiere is on tonight (Wed. April 4) .Word is that the show only has a six episode run. Not that you need that many to decide weather or not you like a show. Not to my surprise as with it's recent downer 'Bent' (I barely made it past episode 2). Believe me that was plenty.

The show's creators are the leads here. Lennon Parham (Lennon White) is best friends with Jessica St. Clair (Jessica Black) since the days of improv back in New York City. The pilot episode starts off with Jessica arriving back home to New York only to get some very bad (unexpected) news. Divorce papers, guess someone was not so happily married after all. 

Of course, leaving her to go running to her best friend for a shoulder to cry on. Not really, she is so down and out about her impending split--she moves into the apartment she once shared with Lennon. One problem, she now lives with her boyfriend Joe (Luka Jones).

Problem with the show is, many viewers will find the humor to be much more in the mind set of "been there, done that" writing wise. I did get a few laughs from it. I found the humor very "silly" "improv-ish" type of jokes. The show doesn't bring a whole lot of "fresh" comedy to the table. 

Quite of few "pop culture" references were thrown in. Yes I laughed. The episode also features a very sassy 9 yr. old neighbor girl that likes hang out on the stoop. She brings the "in you face" kind of sass. Funny or just down right terrible. You be the judge. Will it have a second season. The jury is still out on that. Odds are are not in their favor as of the time being.

"Best Friends Forever" airs Wednesday nighst at 8:30 e/7:30p on NBC