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'Marry Me' Casey Wilson and Ken Marino (Interview)

Q: Casey, how much of Casey is in Annie and how much of Annie's in Casey? So when you go to work is it like you're slipping into a costume or are you already that character when you go to work?

Casey: I think Annie is a little more upbeat and probably friendlier than I am. I think - no, I think there are definite similarities and I think I'm pretty emotional and I get big ideas and I want to see things through and kind of - they're often wrong headed ideas.
But I feel as though I'm playing a character but you never know. Maybe I'm not. You'll never know.

Q: What stories from your real life relationships are making it on screen or what can we expect to see?

Casey: Well we did have a - so a few episodes ago where my character or actually Ken's character tried to get me to do this thing called then open eye cuddle, which is an intimacy exercise that I learned in acting school that I tried to get my husband to do where you stare about two inches from each other's face and just stare into each other's eyes. And my husband thought I was insane and refused to do it. It did not go well.... went on about eight seconds. I don't even think that much. And if anything, we are less close from that experience.

Q: You both are writers and are funny, how much of this is actually scripted and how much is stuff that you come up with?

Ken: Well I mean David and the room full of writers are amazing and they write great scripts. So, you know, we - David will encourage us to improvise off of that a little bit but I mean a lot of it - probably 95% of it is scripted I would say.

Cassey: Yes. It's definitely, you know, collaborative in a sense of if there's something we want to do; we definitely do it and have fun with it. But the scripts are pretty tight, but we - Ken and I have initiated our own writer's room with just the two of us that...

Q: Female comedians like Mini Kerring and Lena Dunham to name a few show that women don't have to be perfect to be considered funny,sexy or smart. They're breaking down barriers. Do you think your character Annie feels the same way and why do you think she's so relateable to women?

Casey: I don't know if Annie feels exactly the same way. I think Annie's a little more high strung and kind of self conscious about how her life should look. But I think that - and it obviously never works out the way she's planned. But, you know, I think the show - I've seen a little bit of criticism about, you know, especially our opening episode because Annie really wants to get married.

This couple's been together for six years and this woman, you know, for a woman who works and kind of does it all, sometimes getting engaged is the one thing you don't have any control over, which I think can be kind of frustrating. And I think it is actually relatable. I know a lot of women like this. You want to be in control of the one thing you kind of can't be in control of in a way. I think Annie is a little bit less so in thinking that she that everything needs to be perfect. I think she's does think everything needs to be perfect.

Q: Have you gotten a script and there's some humor ---that is racy or raunchy that has not been seen on network TV before and you think how are we going to get away with this?

Ken: I think that it's always nice to read a script and see something that you haven't seen before or something that's pushing the envelope a little bit. And, you know, that's always exciting for me to kind of go in and do that.
You know, whether or not it's going to work on TV is kind of out of hands.
I don't know if we've been pushing the envelope or anything but, you know, we're doing what we want to do on the show and then, you know, that stuff is getting out there and I think that's what makes the show special.

Casey: There are so many great cable shows that people love and gravitate to, to some degree that I think in some way we're trying to do a show that exists on the line as much as we can just because I think there's a reason, you know, people love something a little bit edgier.
And I think in one episode. I'm thinking of the fertility episode. There was a scene that came - I think the network had the show was going to air like halfway through the season instead of earlier because it was a little too much. But I think ultimately it's better to try that and see where we land.

Q: Do you feel like comedies have a harder road to success as oppose to dramas? And how have you felt about the reception that Marry Me has gotten so far?

Casey: I think it's very hard these days to make any television show. And anyone who's trying to do anything should be applauded. It's really hard. And I don't think shows are given enough of a chance. And it's a bummer because whenever I see anything on TV, and not to be too dramatic, but I think those people worked really hard on that show no matter how you feel about it. So I was bummed.

Ken: It's been nice the reception that Marry Me's been getting. People have been responding mostly positive to it and both critically and they're just, fans--people I run up to on the street and certainly my mom.

Casey: Ken's mom loves it.

Ken: My mom really loves it. And so that's good. So does my dad. It's nice to see that people are enjoying the show as much as, you know, we are enjoying making it.

Q: Will (Annie and Jake) have a long engagement as you did a courtship?

Ken: I don't think so. I think the idea is that we're going to - we're going to marry, you know, sooner than later.

Casey: Yes. I think we're probably going to get married at the end of the season because I don't think the show's going to be about, you know, will they, won't they really. That's kind of a spoiler alert. I think we will get married. And the show's more following this couple and their friendships and kind of - I think it's more about what happens when you are committed to someone than when you are on the fence.

Q: You both have such great comedic timing, does that come to you naturally?

Ken: I don't know... It's always been fun to kind of joke around and I've always enjoyed comedy. So I don't know if it's natural. It just - I've kind of been around - I think we've both been running around in circles, you know, with friends who are comedians and actors who are, you know, comics and it just maybe kind of rubbed off on us.

Casey: I agree. I don't know. I think that's a hard question only just because - I don't know. Maybe just sort of habit from growing up. I'm not sure.

Ken: We are (both) huge fans of comedy and have studied comedy growing up and through our, you know, throughout our lives. And so it's just I think that we try to, you know, we want to - we want to do it because we enjoy it.
Casey: I always think like I wish growing up I'd been more into more subtle like actresses. I only watch like the (broadest things) and so my timing is so broad and it's probably just, you know, mimicry.

Q: What is it about the show that has made it a fan favorite, in your opinion?

Ken: I know I do like when I watch TV. It's nice to have a couple that you can root for, you know, as opposed to, you know, something where it's like will they, won't they; are they going to get together, are they not going to get together.

I like shows where like there's a team that are, you know, they're against the world. And I feel like, you know, with Jake and Annie are a team that you get to watch every week and enjoy kind of the, you know, the situations that they get into. And that's the exciting thing.

Casey: I'm happy to hear that. I mean I think - I don't know. I think there is something nice. I like shows about a relationship because right away there's some stakes to that and I think most people are in a relationship of some sort and especially a long-term one.

There's so much that goes on in it that's funny. And I think it's kind of nice to see that. And obviously it's a sitcom and it's a comedy. But I don't know. I think there's something very relatable and kind of it gives you a bit of a warm feeling but also you're getting jokes out of it. So I hope that's why people like it.

                             *Conference Call* It has been edited for content*

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