Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Reasons to watch 'White Collar's Winter Finale

I have a confession to make. I never watch nor payed any attention to this show until very recently (January). I have access to Netflix, based on my previous viewing habits. I thought what the heck, worth a viewing or two. I have to say by the end of the pilot. I WAS HOOKED. The end. Loved the acting writing,cast etc.

Tonight is the Season 3 finale.(Sadly) but here is my top 10 reasons on why you should tune in.

1) Diahann Carroll (June) makes a very touching appearance.
2) I was surprised at how much (nice) things were said about Neal.
3) Mrs Suit bakes a cake (or two...)
4) Diana makes a choice I did not see coming (to save Neal--for now)
5) Mozzie keeping secrets (as usual)
6) (not Neal) but someone has a hidden agenda
7) The outcome of what Neal does/doesn't do was unexpected
8) Digging a little deeper into Neal's past.
9) Neal shows us again he's a risk taker (not afraid of heights)
10) The ending that left me speechless-- Game changer for sure.

Here is a clip of tonight's winter finale airing tonight on USA 10pm est/7pst. Don't fret, new season will be shooting this spring/summer.

Source: Usanetwork

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