Monday, July 23, 2012

'21 Jump Street' Hitting The Streets Once Again

21 Jump Street Sequel To Begin Shooting Later This Year image

No real surprise given the audience and box office sucesse of '21 Jump Street' back that the comedy will indeed will have a sequel. The movie goers of today either love or hate, given the studios throwing  at us either remakes, re-imagining or a sequel.

Confirming the story via THR the film will being production this coming fall. Now weather or not the comedy will live up or fall flat, only time will tell. Channing Tatum is pretty much box-office gold as of late. The huge recent hit of 'Magic Mike' (also getting a sequel). It had pretty strong numbers making 39.2 million opening weekend (June 28).

I for one actually enjoyed that the comedy took a risk with giving you something a bit different from the TV series but still sticking to the basic premise. I will keep the site posted on more news as it comes.

Source: THR

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