Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'White Collar' Season 4 Premiere: 10 Reasons To Watch

1) A wet and shirtless Neal. (swoon-worthy)
2) Mozzie's usually banter (always hilarious)
3)  Mekhi Phifer (a.k.a. Agent Collins) being a bad ass "whatever" it takes to get stuff done.
4) Neal's stare (those killer baby blues)
5) Neal speaking Spanish
6) Elizabeth (Mrs. Suit) wanting to "kick Collins ass
7) Neal building a replica of "New York City" in the sand to get the girl.
8) Elizabeth helping her hubby ( in full stakeout mode)
9) Neal and Peter's "bromance" reunion
10) The ending was CRAZY. (some may seeing it coming...not me.)

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