Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'White Collar' Reaction Review S4Ep2: 'Most Wanted'

'White Collar' season premiere left you wanting more after such a great season 4 opener. (*Spoiler Alert*) If you have not watched the premiere yet, do not continue. Who would have thought that his safety was in jeopardy when his "right hand man" Henry Dobbs(Gregg Henry) turns him right over to Agent Collins (Mekhi Phifer). I would have not guessed that ending.

Well this week's episode 'Most Wanted' turns it up another notch. If you did not love this show already. Neal being held hostage is pretty hot (well a girl can dream). But it does take a turn leaving him injured.

Don't fret, Mozzie and Peter on the case of how to come to Neal's rescue. The clever way Neal makes a run for it, may make you feel bad for Agent Collins. Nope, I doubt it.

Peter wants to make a deal with his boss to reinstate Neal to his original deal. Peter, Mozzie and Neal have to form a very risky plan to take down Dobbs. It is rare when Peter is called on to have a "undercover" role to play, can be awkward but fun to watch.

The shows writers are brilliant in how they can always build on the excitement from one episode to the next. It just hooks you into these characters and won't let go. You can never be to sure to how the storyline will suddenly change and keep you guessing.

I think it was smart to have Neal's island fling (Mia) help the men escape from Agent Collins and friends. If you did not already know Agent Collins and pretty much everyone else is very hot on their tail.

Neal gives Mia a pretty sweet parting gift to remember him by. Mozzie is not done living on this fanasty island. Peter gets a change he did NOT see coming. Agent Collins gets taken for a loop. I just love these twist ending yet again. Don't you. Tune in to see why this show just keeps getting better.

'White Collar' airs Tuesday Nights at 9e/8c only on USA Network.

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  1. After last week’s premiere of White Collar, I could not wait for this week’s episode. I have been watching White Collar since season 1, and last night’s episode was an incredible example as to why. I always recommend this show to all of my coworkers, at Dish, and they have rarely been disappointed. Seeing Neal and Peter flip the script on Collins was incredibly satisfying, and it never gets old to see them come out on top. I didn’t get a chance to watch it live last night, but thanks to Dish Online, I watched it this morning for free. I really hope Peter isn’t gone for too long; he is a huge reason the team is so successful.