Monday, September 24, 2012

ABC's Fall TV Reaction (Mini) Review 2012-13

666 Park Avenue- Tune In!
I liked this show. It has the potential to be a hit for ABC. It's a mix of 'Melrose Place' (based in NYC) but  with a sci-fiction twist!

The Neighbors- Turn Off!
Nothing special here. The humor was very similar to that of 'Third Rock from The Sun'. Doubtful I will change my mind about this show.

Malibu Country- Turn Off!  I found it painful to watch yet another Reba-ish sitcom. Not funny. It tried way too hard to be funny.

Family Tools- Turn Off!
It was just plan old unfunny television at it's best worst here. I did however--enjoy a brief cameo by comedian Jo Koy.

How To Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)- Tune Out!
I am a fan of Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) her character here is a tad annoying. It has a few chuckles, if nothing else is on. Give it a shot.

Nashville- Tune Out! (Mixed feelings)
Watchable, just not my type of show. I like both of the female leads (Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere). A plus if you like your drama that is a little bit country. I will watch it, just going to let my DVR do all the work.

Last Resort- 

  • Tune In= Watch LIVE 
  • Tune Out= DVR/TiVo worthy
  • Turn Off=Don't bother watching

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