Monday, September 24, 2012

FOX Fall TV 2012-2013 Quick Reaction

The Mindy Project- Tune Out!
Did not laugh but once. Since I'm not a fan of Mindy's or 'The Office'. I figured it was not meant for me to like this one either.

Ben and Kate- Turn Off! 
I found this show to be over the top, and just plain old painful to watch. The only character I did take a liken to was Lucy Punch (BJ). The kid is cute, of course.

The Mob Doctor- Different. I enjoyed it. Fast paced drama with a darker mod back story. Tune in!

The Following- (Midseason) Will post quick thoughts at a later date.

  • Turn Off- Skip it.
  • Tune In- Watch it LIVE.
  • Tune Out- DVR it

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