Monday, September 23, 2013

ABC Fall 2013:My Reaction/Thoughts

"Super Fun Night"

I really like Rebel Wilson. I am just not sure how being "a homebody" with your BFF's ALL the time is funny. I can only hope the show will improve in the near future. Mixed feelings.
Premiere Wed. Oct. 2nd at 9:30 ET

"Back in the Game" I honestly do not remember much. Something about baseball. Snooze. Skip it.
Premieres Wed. Sept 25 at 8:30 ET

"Trophy Wife" I liked it. It may be a "lazy" attempt at a few laughs, but it worked for me. Watch it!
Premieres Tuesday September 24 at 9:30 ET.

"The Goldbergs"
After watching the pilot. I thought to myself it reminds me of a modern day err..raunchy version of  "The Wonder Years". Yes, it will bring you back to the 80's. Ah, nostalgic memories for me. Watch on-demand.
Premieres Tuesday September 24 at 9 ET.

This show felt as though it was a rehash of so many other "soapy dramas"( a Lifetime movie). Nothing truly original stood out for me. Take it or leave it. Skip it!
Premieres Sunday Sept. 29 at 10 ET.

Very interesting. Different. It actually makes you think. Smart. Watchable. I want to see where it goes in future episodes. Watch it!
Premieres Sunday March 9th at 10 ET.

"Killer Women"(midseason)
I was bored 15 minutes in. I may finish watching with my final thoughts at a later time.

"Lucky Seven"
Very believable premise. I just couldn't pull myself into their world. Nothing really stood out. I am curious to see maybe episode two. Take it or leave. Watch on-demand.
Premieres Tuesday Sept. 24 at 10 ET.

"Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" Sadly, I did not see the pilot. So I will watch on premiere night. I've heard positive things about it.
Premieres Tue. September 24 at 8 ET

"Once A Upon A Time in Wonderland"
*I will watch soon and post my thoughts.... Stay tuned.
Premieres Thursday Oct 10 at 8 ET

** No date set yet: "Mixology" and "Mind Games"

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