Monday, September 16, 2013

FOX Fall Shows 2013:My Reaction/Opinion

I like the premise. I loved "Ted" and I am a Seth McFarland fan(mostly due to "American Dad"). This show has potential. I did giggle here and there. I will have to wait and see. Worth checking out!

Airing Tuesday September 17 8pm ET.


Sleepy Hollow
If you're into the legendary tale known as "The Headless Horseman" you will more then likely enjoy this series. It did hold my interest throughout  I was entertained, it has action,drama and a bit of humor. I am just not sure if it will be added to my list of "must watch" shows this fall. Worth a watch!

Airing Monday September 16 at 9pm ET.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I am a fan of SNL alum Andy Samburg. So with saying that. I did laugh watching the pilot. I am not in love with it. BUT I highly recommend giving it a watch. If only those that are fans of Andy's sense of humor. Watch it!

Airing Tuesday September 17 at 8:30pm ET.

Gang Related(midseason)
This series lives up to the title. It is very gritty and give you a no nonsense look at what the streets of L.A. gang life is like. If you like the fast-paced drama, you will enjoy this show. Not my favorite of the FOX shows, but worth a watch. DVR it!

I barely made it all the way through watching. Not at all enjoyable. Skip it.

Us &Them(midseason)
Very likeable. It's a mini rom-com packaged into 22 minutes. Watch it!

I found nothing at all that I laughed nor enjoyed about this show. I did not want to finish it. It took all my strength to make it the whole 20 something minutes.... Ugh. Skip it!

Airing January 2014.

Surviving Jack(midseason)
I found nothing to like in the "comedy". Yes, it made me take a look back to the 90's. Yet, I would still was bored watching. (Yawn). Skip it!

Almost Human
A futuristic, action/sci-fi drama. Period. I must say it is a bit odd Micheal Ealy (robo-ish) acting is sorta creepy. It was just okay for me. Watch on-demand/online.
Airing in November.

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