Monday, September 23, 2013

'NBC' Fall 2013-My Reaction Thoughts.

"About A Boy"*(midseason)
Nothing special, unfortunately the show has very predictable plot. So much so, I could have wrote it. Skip it!

"Growing Up Fisher"*(midseason)
Sweet, honest comedy. Not bad. I like the down-to-earth feel. Very believable. Watch it!

"Welcome To The Family"
Very forgettable. Yup, that pretty much sums it up for me. *(side note) I almost did not reconize "Desperate Housewives" Ricardo Chavira.
Premieres Thursday October 3rd at 8:30 ET

"The Micheal J. Fox Show"
Not horrible, not great. Happy to see Micheal J. Fox back on television. I may watch here and there. DVR worthy!
Premieres Thursday October 26th (1 hour) at 9 ET.

"Sean Saves The World"
I loved watching Sean Hayes on "Will and Grace". Still goofy and silly. I enjoyed the pilot. I am happy to see "Reno 911's" Tom Lennon as well. Funny pilot. Watch it!
Premieres Thursday October 3rd at 9ET.

"Ironside" The show is very watchable, if you like a cop drama. Just was not emotionally invested will watching. Watch on-demand.
Premieres Wednesday Oct 2nd at 10 ET.

"The Blacklist"
What can I say about this show. So, so good. I admit I am a fan girl for James Spader. Great acting all around. Megan Boone plays very well with James, great chemistry. The plot is so intriguing. I can not say how much I enjoyed watching. Watch it!!
Premieres Monday September 23rd at 10 ET.

"The Night Shift" (midseason)
I was bored. It reminds me of ER meets Grey's Anatomy. I'm pretty much not interested in watching past the pilot. Skip it!

"Believe" (midseason)
I really liked it. It was very compelling to watch. I enjoyed the characters playing off each other. Very much on my watch-list. Watch it!

"Crisis" (midseason)
TBD. Had screener problem. Will post my thoughts soon.

"Dracula" I will post my thoughts soon. Premieres Friday October 25 at 10 ET.

**Undateable, Chicago PD, Crossbones, TBA premiere date soon**

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