Monday, August 6, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4:The Movie That Will Not Go Away

Paramount Pictures giving us yet another sequel to hit theaters I'd say Oct 2012(TBD). If your a fan of the series check out the trailer below.

The first Paranormal, which cost $15,000 to produce and opened in a limited run in September 2009, went on to gross $193.4 million worldwide. Paranormal 2 cost $3 million to produce and grossed $177.5 million worldwide.
Paranormal Activity 3 cost $5 million to produce.

Paranormal Activity 3 opened to a massive $54 million at the domestic box office during the Oct. 21-23 weekend in 2011 -- the top launch of all time for a horror pic and the best October debut ever.

Source: THR

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