Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'Best Friends Forever' Pilot

'Best Friends Forever'
               Jessica St. Clair, left, Lennon Parhamand Luka Jones in "Best Friends Forever." (Neil Jacobs / NBC)

NBC's latest mid-season-ish comedy premiere is on tonight (Wed. April 4) .Word is that the show only has a six episode run. Not that you need that many to decide weather or not you like a show. Not to my surprise as with it's recent downer 'Bent' (I barely made it past episode 2). Believe me that was plenty.

The show's creators are the leads here. Lennon Parham (Lennon White) is best friends with Jessica St. Clair (Jessica Black) since the days of improv back in New York City. The pilot episode starts off with Jessica arriving back home to New York only to get some very bad (unexpected) news. Divorce papers, guess someone was not so happily married after all. 

Of course, leaving her to go running to her best friend for a shoulder to cry on. Not really, she is so down and out about her impending split--she moves into the apartment she once shared with Lennon. One problem, she now lives with her boyfriend Joe (Luka Jones).

Problem with the show is, many viewers will find the humor to be much more in the mind set of "been there, done that" writing wise. I did get a few laughs from it. I found the humor very "silly" "improv-ish" type of jokes. The show doesn't bring a whole lot of "fresh" comedy to the table. 

Quite of few "pop culture" references were thrown in. Yes I laughed. The episode also features a very sassy 9 yr. old neighbor girl that likes hang out on the stoop. She brings the "in you face" kind of sass. Funny or just down right terrible. You be the judge. Will it have a second season. The jury is still out on that. Odds are are not in their favor as of the time being.

"Best Friends Forever" airs Wednesday nighst at 8:30 e/7:30p on NBC

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