Thursday, April 12, 2012

Open Love Letter to "Pretty Little Liars"...

The Pretty Little Liars        (left to right):Shay Mitchell(Emily),Lucy Hale (Aria),Ashley Benson (Hanna),Troian Bellisario (Spencer).

I am not even sure where to begin on how to express my deep admiration for ABC Family's 'Pretty Little Liars'. I had very little interest in watching due to the fact on the channel it was airing on. Harsh, I know. I felt kind of like, why should I this show is for teenagers, clearly I do not meet the "age demo". I have no business watching, at all. I went into watching with very little expectations. Having a very slow start, I was starting to wonder how long I would put up with it before throwing in the towel.

A group of young high school teens. Having to deal with life, love, relationship,secrets and drama. If you have yet to guess, they all have 'issues' weather it is school, boys or dealing with family. Needing to have access to their cell phones, constantly. Of course, like who really calls people today.

Starts out with the five friends(Aria,Spencer,Emily,Hanna and Alison) moving back to their hometown. Having lost touch with each other (on purpose). Due to the disappearance of Alison (a.k.a. Ali) it has been a year now since she went missing. Everyone is wondering what is real truth.Who would have done it, and why? Meanwhile, early on we see Aria meeting a mystery man a local bar (huh? she's still in high school). They chat, and come to realize they have things in common. She hooks up with him in the restroom. The next day at school. She finds out, it's her new English teacher. Oh my gosh!

As we get further towards the middle of the pilot. The girl's start getting very unusual odd text message just signed "A"....and so the mystery to figure out whom this "A" person is.
Later on, everyone comes to find out that is indeed, not missing. She has died. SHOCKING. So there you have it. Why I am so deeply involved in this show. The show will be back for Season 3 on Tuesday, June 5th at 8pm est/7c only on ABCFamily.


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