Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Friends Forever:'It's Raining Friends'

This week's episode of "BBF" was not as enjoyable as in the previous first episode. Basically it was about Jessica still feeling down about her marriage woes. They chat about how awesome of a cook Jessica is. She can cook a mean pulled pork. Joe is in heaven.."Just keep stuffing meat in his mouth."  The two burst out in song 'It's Raining Men'. Suddenly somehow Jessica notices she accidentally "butt dials" her (soon to be ex-husband) . She is babbling on about her personal problems to Lennon. Meanwhile, it was recording the entire time. Yikes.

Jessica goes to soothe herself in the tub. Spending way too long in the bathroom. Lennon and Jessica have a tussle in the bathtub. Not so much was is sad, then hot according to Joe.

At Rav's bar, it becomes very clear that Jessica is in dire need of some cheering up. Lennon wanting to help her out, comes up with and idea. Jessica's food is so amazing, she could take over in the kitchen for just one day. Telling Rav about this plan, he was not sold on it. He was very reluctant, but then agrees. He goes and tells Jessica that his cook just quit, a huge food critic is coming in he needs someone to cover for him.

Jessica agrees to do the job. Needing someone to do a taste test first Jessica and Lennon invite Queenetta (Daija Owens) to be the judge of how good the food is. Honestly, this girl stole the spotlight (again) it was the only time I laughed during the entire 22 minutes. Sad, but true.

The sandwich was a hit all around. They asked a friend to be the" food critic" at the bar. He was pretty creepy, odd character. Not much else can be said about this week's episode.
Overall, I had very lukewarm feelings about the show. Moving onto episode three leaves me having high hopes for more laughs.

'Best Friends Forever' airs Wednesday's on NBC.

Did you love or hate this week's episode. Share your thoughts/comments.

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