Thursday, April 12, 2012

'The Client List':Premiere

You may have heard to the '2010' "Lifetime" movie staring Jennifer Love Hewitt (I Know What You Did Last Summer,The Ghost Whisperer).The movie landed her a Golden Globe nomination. Lifetime is taking on a change of programming from it's usual made-for-television movie and most recent "reality shows". Even though the movie has a bit of a change from the storyline. I was pretty much in it for the entire hour.

Samantha (Hewitt) had her husband on her side in the film version. While in the TV series she plays Riley Parks a mother of two. The marriage is a bit shaky. Having your husband (Kyle) played by Brian Hallisay is on unemployment, stress about money woes. No surprise, that he leaves at the drop of a hat. Leaving her with the house mortgage and two young children. What is a woman to do? Go out and make her own money. Right? She has the experience to do the job. So she might as well put it to use.

Seeing an old friend driving a very expensive car. Samantha is very curious of how she can afford it. She gives her the address of where she works. She's desperate, she goes and checks out the place. Looks very shady on the outside, somewhat respectable on the inside is this "massage" parlor. She heads over to the place. Hopeful to finally get a job. She walks in--to her surprise. Lands the job on the spot. The owner Loretta Devine (Georgia). She just has that "something special". Yes, okay very cheesy dialouge. 

Having her mother (Cybill Shepherd) there for moral support throughout. I did not go into watching this show expecting much. You can really expect lot of skin and/or raunchy-ness. Hello, it's Lifetime. There is eye candy to be seen here. Of course, mostly of Jennifer. As well as her brother in-law. Evan (even hotter then her dead beat hubby--might I add) played by Colin Egglesfield (Something Borrowed). He is playing up the "nice" guy of the two brothers. Saying to Riley if she "ever needs anything" just call me. I am pretty sure something is bound to happen there. Riley does face some hard(no pun intended--sort of) times dealing with jealous wives and drama. She is NOT doing any extras. Well, until the money is not flowing in as much as her co-workers. Don't think it took very long for her to have a change of heart. She now has to deal with keeping what she really does to make all that cash, avoid the housewives and maybe save her marriage.

I like that the show is not to be taken so seriously. Call it a 'gulity pleasure' if you'd like. I'm all in. I will be sharing my thoughts for as long as the show is on the air.

'The Client List' airs on Lifetime Sunday's at 10p est/9p cst. Check your local listings.

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