Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Best Friends Forever:'Put A Pin In It'

This week's episode of 'Best Friends Forever' was a mixed bag for me, it fell short of what I liked from the pilot episode. It was not a totally lost. I just hoped for more laughs.

Lennon is trying way too hard to impress Joe's father with his retirement gift. The 'rents come by way earlier then expected. Oops, Jessica and Lennon get caught in a compromising situation. Jessica has the place a totally mess.

Joe has yet to tell his parents that he has quit his job. Jessica really needs to get herself together and go through all of her mail, that is piling up. She promises Lennon she will clean and go through her mail. Looking out the window, Jessica sees all her stuff is being delivered to the apartment. Bad timing, yes. She really needs to check her voicemail. Uh no, Lennon shows up and they find themselves locked out. Pretty sure that is not the worst part. Jessica really wants to make cinnamon buns. Lennon tells her, no. Just go through your mail.

Queenetta shows up, just in time. She is seriously wanting to sell Jessica's stuff. Meanwhile, Lennon goes to the fire escape to try to get inside, somehow getting stuck trying to. Jessica has to go get help(not dressed in her best clothing) the firemen think that she is homeless. Yes, that bad. Lennon gets rescued, only to realize that the apartment is on fire. Why? Jessica (of course not listening) was baking cinnamon buns. Leaving Joe's dad gift completely ruined.

To no surprise, not many laughable moments this episode. Just one or two laughs here. When Jessica is about to go get help, at the beginning and when Queenetta is in a scene. Lennon and Joe's dad wind up having a good talk at his retirement party. She was always afraid they did not like her. Jessica does wind up pulling strings and getting a really cool replacement surprise gift for her father-in-law. The ending was cute. Lennon showing off her hottest dance moves. Work it!

Not very likely that the show will get a full season pickup. Sad to say because I genuinely enjoy the chemistry between the leading actresses. I am looking forward to this week's episode "Single and Lovin' It".

'Best Friends Forever' airs Wednesday night's at 8:30e/7:30c on NBC

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