Saturday, August 29, 2015

CBS Fall Line Up 2015/16


("Angel From Hell")

("Code Black")

("Life In Pieces")

Thursday, Sept. 17
8:25 PM, ET     NFL THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Denver @ Kansas City)

Monday, Sept. 21
8:00PM     THE BIG BANG THEORY (9th Season Premiere)
8:30 PM     LIFE IN PIECES (Series Debut)
9:00 PM   SCORPION (2nd Season Premiere)
10:00 PM NCIS: LOS ANGELES (7th Season Premiere)

Tuesday, Sept. 22
8:00 PM     NCIS (13th Season Premiere)
9:00 PM   NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (2nd Season Premiere)
10:00 PM LIMITLESS (Series Debut)

Wednesday, Sept. 23
8:00 PM     SURVIVOR (90-Minute, 31st Season Premiere)
9:30 PM   BIG BROTHER (90 Minute Season Finale)

Friday, Sept. 25
8:00 PM     THE AMAZING RACE (27th Season Premiere)
9:00 PM    HAWAII FIVE-0 (6th Season Premiere)
10:00 PM  BLUE BLOODS (6th Season Premiere)

Saturday, Sept. 26
10:00 PM  48 HOURS (28th Season Premiere)

Sunday, Sept. 27
7:30 PM      60 MINUTES (48th Season Premiere)
9:00 PM    CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (Two-Hour Series Finale)

Wednesday, Sept. 30
8:00 PM      SURVIVOR
9:00 PM    CRIMINAL MINDS (11th Season Premiere)
10:00 PM  CODE BLACK (Series Debut)

Sunday, Oct. 4
8:00 PM    MADAM SECRETARY (2nd Season Premiere)
9:00 PM  THE GOOD WIFE (7th Season Premiere)
10:00 PM  CSI: CYBER (2nd Season Premiere)

Monday, Oct. 26
8:00 PM     THE BIG BANG THEORY (Original Episode)
8:30 PM     SUPERGIRL (Series Debut)

Monday, Nov. 2  (Schedule/Time Changes)*
8:00 PM     SUPERGIRL (Regular Time Period)

Thursday, Nov. 5
8:00 PM     THE BIG BANG THEORY (Regular Time Period)
8:30 PM     LIFE IN PIECES (Regular Time Period)
9:00 PM     MOM (3rd Season Premiere)
9:30 PM   ANGEL FROM HELL (Series Debut)
10:00 PM ELEMENTARY (4th Season Premiere)

 New Series Airing Later in 2015:
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: (Spinoff) stars Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Gary Sinise in a drama about the specialized International Division of the FBI tasked with solving crimes and coming to the rescue of Americans who find themselves in danger while abroad. Heading the department is Unit Chief Jack Garrett (Sinise), a seasoned 20-year veteran of the Bureau. The team he trusts with his life includes Matthew Simmons (Daniel Henney), a former military hero with split-second profiling skills he honed on the battlefield, and Russ “Monty” Montgomery (Tyler James Williams), the unit’s compassionate, brilliant tech analyst who additionally liaises stateside with the families of those in trouble while his group is far from home. These exceptional agents are dedicated to safely returning U.S. residents home by profiling and identifying criminals who are beyond our borders. The pilot was a planted spin-off of an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS broadcast on April 8, 2015. Emmy Award winner Mark Gordon, Erica Messer and Nick Pepper are executive producers for ABC Studios in association with CBS Television Studios and The Mark Gordon Company. The episode was directed by Glen Kershaw (“Criminal Minds”).

Rush Hour
A reimagining of the hit feature film franchise, is a buddy-cop drama about a maverick LAPD detective and a by-the-book detective from Hong Kong who knock heads when they are forced to partner together. Detective Lee (Jon Foo) is a reserved, honorable master martial artist with lightning-fast moves who comes to L.A. to avenge his sister’s alleged death and learn more about her connection to a Chinese organized crime ring. Detective Carter (Justin Hires), on the other hand, is a wisecracking cop who plays by his own rules and has never wanted a partner. As exasperated as Carter’s boss, Captain Cole (Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee Wendie Malick), gets with him, she knows he’s a brilliant detective who gets results. Attempting to help the two get along is Sergeant Didi Diaz (Aimee Garcia), Carter’s friend and former partner who doesn’t hesitate to call him out on his antics. But even as cultures clash and tempers flare, Carter and Lee can’t deny they make a formidable team, and grudgingly admit that sometimes an unlikely pairing makes for a great partnership. Bill Lawrence, Blake McCormick, Jeff Ingold, Jon Turteltaub and the team behind the “Rush Hour” movies, Arthur Sarkissian and Brett Ratner, are executive producers for Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was directed by Jon Turteltaub.

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