Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Client List:'Tough Love'

Jennifer Love Hewitt in "The Client List"

Riley get an offer she may not be able to refuse. The kids finally get the truth about their father.

At work, Riley is approached by Selena of a way to make extra money "after hours" style. She has a special client that made a special request. He wants two ladies and once. Riley was unsure at first. Until the minor detail, it's an off site job. Yes, on the low.

A regular client of Riley's gets interrupted by a phone call from Katie's school. Riley rushes off to find that her daughter got into a bit of trouble, using some unsavory words towards a boy(Zack).

A clue may have been found into the whereabouts of Kyle.

Riley is concerned about if/when things will get back to normal. She wants to tell the kids the truth. Linette recommends an old fashion home cooked Sunday dinner, just like they used to do.

Evan gets help from his friend Tim, finding a lead on where Kyle is. The news is something he wants to wait to tell Riley in person. Kyle agrees to come to dinner Sunday night.

At work, Georgia calls Riley into her office. The girls, are all a buzz. "Is she in trouble?". "Is she going to get fired?" So sorry to break it to you ladies, Riley just got an offer(a trial run) to be Manager. Selena is clearly very green with envy. Having more responsibility at work, Selena is blindsided that Riley puts her foot down. Riley is not having the the shady "side business" that Selena does outside "The Rub".

Selena is livid. "You think you sorry now, just you wait. You just bit the hand that fed you."
Things just got a bit spicy ya'll. I feel a cat fight coming.

It's time for Sunday dinner, finally time for some unexpected guests. Riley finally gets to meet her Mom's new beau Garrett. Riley was caught off guard completely. Linette thought she had told her that he was coming over for dinner. Love her reply of "My bad."

Selena is plotting her payback for Riley. She is really not that much of a friend, I see. How does she get her back. Messing up her client schedule appointment. Oh, scary.

It works in her favor, for now. Don (the client) shows up for his appointment intoxicated and livid that Riley has dissapointed him for the second time.  Riley gets the call from Georgia about her client wanting her to come in. Not going to happen. Good thing Georgia was there to set him straight. Leaving Selena to swoop in to save the day.

We finally get the burning question answered. Where in the world is Kyle? Well, his passport was used--where? Mexico. Boom.

At dinner, Zack and his father Mark show up unexpectedly. Wanting to resolve the issue between the kids. The reason for the kids conflict earlier, was because Zack said that Katie's father was dead. Zack's mom had died a year or so ago. Zack had thought they could relate to each other the same way.

Dinner was pretty much a bust. Evan sits Riley down to break the news about Kyle. In tears, she decides that is is due time to tell the kids.

Jolene finds a sneaky way to get payback on Selena on behalf of Riley. Payback is a bitch.

Next day, Riley has to kindly reject the offer of Manager. She has too much on her plate right now. Georgia would be lost herself with too much free time anyway.
The showdown outside work between Jolene and Selena at work was good. It was almost a girl fight. Okay, not really, but still enjoyable for me.

Later, Garrett surprises Linette at work. A brave man is not afraid of a little bit of craziness in this family. Linette was shocked that he plans on sticking around, he wants to go on another date.

The episode ends with the kids getting a surprise dinner, camping out style. Riley having them sit down with her as she explains why their dad has not been around. Very touching ending.

Stay tuned as I will be recapping the entire 10 episode run of "The Client List" tune in Sunday nights at 10 on Lifetime.

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