Monday, May 7, 2012

"The L.A. Complex":'Do Something'

This week's episode still has me on the fence on weather or not I will love/hate this show.

We pick up right where the pilot left off. Abby is introduced at her first day working the stripper pole. It was not good. Nick lands a pretty sweet gig. Tariq is finally getting his shot at producing. Alicia meets a man wanting to help her reach her goal. Raquel and Abby compete for a role.

Three-Way Drama
It is Abby's first day as a stripper was a complete fail. She was not meant to do it. How does one get canned the first day of work? Easy, claim your being harassed. Meanwhile Abby has a audition. Perfect she can wear her "stripper" outfit, she won't be using it. It happen so fast, she is sure she didn't get the role. Raquel is being her usually bitchy self being up for the same role. Abby want to visit Connor on set. Raquel gives her advice. "It's really poor form to visit someone unannounced."

It is clear that Abby and Conner (sort of) like each other. Sadly, no one gave that memo to Raquel. After the audition she goes to see Conner, she wants to go out for drinks to celebrate.(Um, you didn't get the role yet) "They put a pin in me." She is on hold to land this role. "No big deal, it's just a guest star." She really needs to get off her high horse. Connor declines drinks with Raquel. Only because he notices that he missed a call from Abby. "But I'm dressed like a hooker." Raquel is pissed.
Back at the complex, Raquel is wondering when she will get the call with good news. Only to look up and see that, they called who they wanted for the part. Abby lands it!

Tariq's Big Break?
Finally Tariq is getting some good news at work. He is going to produce a track for a big name in the rap game Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller)."He'd better bring his "A" game or else Kaldrick will get malevolent." Yes, malevolent. He is sent to his house to start right away. Tariq does not get a warm welcome, not even close. They go out around town to do the whole "getting to know you" thing. Going to a place that means something to Tariq does not go over well with Kaldrick. Having a quick bit to eat, by the beach. Kaldrick sees a fan taking pictures. "Did I say you could take my picture." He is livid, punches the guy. K.O.
Up next, the two go to a "gentleman's club". Tariq gets bold. Saying to Kaldrick "You ain't real." Not to worry, he still got the job. To cap off the evening(late night) Kaldrick inviting Tariq in to listen to some songs to sample. It get weird, their eyes meet. Tariq goes IN for the kiss. *fade to black*

Nick's Dating Woes
Nick lands a job as a stand in for Connor. Will working with an actress, he get some very good advice on how to approach dating. "Less talk, more action." After her audition, Abby comes home to find out she is being kicked out of the complex. Who does she run to in her time of need. Nick. He is so crushing on her. Of course, he lets her stay his place. Looks like a cozy movie night in for the two. She misses the call that Connor wants to take her up on the offer to hangout. Abby gets the call. So excited she hugs her new roomie Nick. Somehow he takes it as a cue to go in for a smooch. Wrong. Yes, he the "you a nice guy" speech. Poor Nick. Don't give up on love.

Alicia's Dreams Can Come True
Alicia meets a guy at work. He is  was a huge celebrity. Getting confused as "that guy" from "The Goonies". He was a big deal years ago, Rick(y) Lloyd. She has an audition, but unable to go due to work. As a cover up for her to go, Rick buys time with her in the champagne room. What a nice guy. Does he have a motive though? The two chat and see that they have things in common. Rick invites he to an industry party to make some Hollywood connections. The party was a success, it is clear they are vibing. The end of the night, Rick takes Alicia home. They end the evening was a kiss. What is next for these two. I have an idea, no rush to judgement, yet.

Honestly, I am not sold on this show (yet). I want to like it, really I do. I was not blown away by the "huge" kiss ending. I am ready for some REAL hardcore drama/scandal/juiciness. Leaving me wanting more at the ending. The buzz is this show is suppose to be such a "guilty pleasure". I am patiently waiting for it to live up to the hype.

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This week's episode trailer for "Who You Know"

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