Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Girl:'See Ya'

The season finale of new girl leaves us wanting more of this FOX gem.

Nick has made of his mind of moving in with Caroline. Jess is not happy about it. Everyone else seems to be okay with it.

Schmidt can get his bandages off his "junk" now.

We get a new roommate moving into the loft Neal (Thomas "Tom" Lennon of 'Reno 911'). Jess tries her best to scare him off. It's terribly fun for her to even try.

Nick is packing up his stuff. Everything even a lamp. Who knew Winston was afraid of the dark. Not me. It is priceless really.

Schmidt poor guy. He had gotten the bandages replaced with a cast.

At a modeling photo shoot with Cece it is very clear Schmidt has issues with Cece's job. Dude, you did know she is a hot model, right?

Meanwhile, Jess tries to talk Nick out of leaving. Nope, he does anyway. All of the roommates help him move out. In the moving van, Nick has a classic "freak out". Driving right by his new place.

Winding up in the middle of the desert. Nick is ballistic and on edge, throwing his car keys. Now what?

The guys call Jess to come and rescue them.

Schmidt jealous is out of hand, calling Cece a "sex worker."

Nick is now having a change of heart it seems. What does Jess do. Yep, tossing her car keys too. Winston freaks out. Poor thing, it will be dark soon.

Later, the gang are having a good time. Jamming out to a 90's mix tape Nick made. Good times.

Schmidt is still unsure about Cece. Jess and Nick go out into the desert to find the car keys. Suddenly a wolf  creeps up towards them. Uh oh. What to do? Well, Jess's way out of it is to get very animated doing her best cartoon impression "meep, meep" (classic road runner style) Wow.

Sadly, Schmidt decides to tell Cece that the relationship is not working out. He saw a phone call from Gino (the model she was working with). Giving Cece the brush off, "White Fang" style. Hilarious.

Finally, Jess gives Nick her blessing for him to move in with Caroline. Jess gets creative and winds up scaring off the wolf.

The next morning, we see that Jess never really tossed (the keys). She pretends to "find" them. Making herself to be the hero. Nick hugs his (former) roommates goodbye.

Very late, that night. Jess wakes up. She heads to the window, seeing a moving trunk. Odd right.
Out of nowhere, music is blaring in the loft. It's Nick. Shocking. He came back.

Everyone is so happy to have Nick back. They all break out their best dance moves. Fun.
Meanwhile, with his stuff in a box Neal is sitting on the couch. Awkward moment.

Favorite lines:
"It's time to make this horse into a unicorn."
"I got thick thighs, I got a fat ass."
"Go back to your kind."

Excited to see what is next for Season 2 of 'New Girl' come September going up against ABC's 'Happy Endings."

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