Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Client List:'Turn The Page'

Still of Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Client List

Riley is on the search for the real reason on why her husband abonded her and the children.
Georgia plans a ladies night out for the girls.

Alright now, it's time for a girls out night. One problem though. Linette has to back out at the very last minute. So it's up to Lacey to fill in for her.

Riley doesn't want to leave the little ones at home. She explains to them that it's just "face time" for her job. Why is mom bailing, some type of event at church. Hmm, okay then.

Riley putting the kids to bed, finds a note in Kyle's old shirt. It's a phone number of someone named "Max". Very curious, she calls the number. It's not a man it's a woman Max is really Maxine. Say what now. Drama. She leaves a voice mail. Which I think is sort of odd.

At the bar, it's karaoke night ya'll. The night starts off slow, then it's gets outta control. Sorta off. Riley gets wasted.

While she is out having a blast, I found it very odd that Lacey would call this Maxine woman like 7-8 times. Umm, stalker much.

Evan come to say the evening, to course drive Riley home. She is no condition to drive. Really, you think. Trying to put a drunk woman to bed, not such an easy task. I am sure Evan won't have a difficult time. The situation got a little sticky. It was such a tease, of what is to come. I think it is only a matter of time.

Riley discovers that Kyle's car was sold to Maxine awhile back. So she looks up her address and plans on going to pay her a visit. To get to the bottom of things. Taking Lacey with her they drive to the house. Maxine has a child, that looks just like Kyle. Say what now? Yes.

Later, Riley confronts Evan on why he never mention who the car was sold to. She is pissed.

Looks as though Linette has a secret admirer. Getting flowers at work being a HUGE clue.

At work, Georgia tells her quite frankly to talk face to face with Maxine. Advice that she takes. It's about to get real good now.

Riley goes back to Maxine's house. They talk. No she was not cheating with Kyle. They went to 'AA' together. Yes, crazy right. Kyle had an accident at work, then became addicted to pain medicine. Riley was completely thrown for a loop. By the way, the little boy that is the spitting image of Kyle is NOT his baby. No baby daddy drama here. Happy to hear, that would have been so predictable.

Meanwhile, mama Linette is seeing someone. She just didn't want to bring it up, with all the marital problems Riley is having. Don't want to rub it in the girls face.

Later, Riley and Evan have a chat at her place. Looks like Evan was left in the dark as well as to what was going on with his brother. Kyle was great at being a liar it seems

It's been a long day, after a night with the kids Riley feel asleep on the couch. She is woken up by someone coming in the door with a key. It is Kyle. Gasp. He apologizes for leaving, needing to to figure things out. "Maybe I just needed a release, like you do at work Your such a whore". Boom. It was just a dream. Darn, I knew it was too good to be true. Will he ever come back?

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